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Summer care

  1. To reverse sun damage use products that stimulate collagen & get rid of brown spots. Add retinol, AHA, Retin A, vit E, Renova or vitC into routine, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, photo facials, resurfacing can help.
  2. Remove dead skin cells by adding exfoliates to skin regime.
  3. Retinol eliminates sun damage by stimulating collagen, eliminates precancerous skin lesions, rejuvenates skin, so improves skin texture & tone.
  4. Alpha hydroxy acid unsticks the glue, peel away brown spots.
  5. FDA approved new ingredient Mexoryl filters out UVA rays. Mexoryl combined with oxtocrylene & avobenzene blocks UVA & UVB rays.
  6. Add sunblock into daily regimen. Best SPF to apply is 15 but apply 1shot glass full. SPF 30 or higher are best for those who don’t apply enough of SPF15. SPF15 prevents 95%of rays. Higher SPF means less sunscreen. Apply 20mts before going out, reapply every 2hrs.
  7. Sun burn checklist to make you feel better but dont reverse sun damage-Topical OTC Cortisone(decrease inflammation, redness, burn), advil/aspirin, cold compress with milk, oatmeal baths, aloe vera.
  8. Using topical anti oxidants like TNS recovery complex, vivite, prevage, revale etc help to restore damaged skin by fighting free radicals, even out skin tone.
  9. Products like radiesse, coppertone ultra guard are collagen fillers.
  10. Wash face 3times a day.

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Cooling, heaty, neutral foods


  1. Vegs- Asparagus, bok choy, broccoli, bamboo shoot, banana, bitter gourd, cabbage, cauliflower, corn, celery, cucumber, carrot, lotus root, pear, peas, potato, tomato, zuchini.
  2. Leafy vegs- Cilantro, dill, lettuce, mint.
  3. Fruits- Cantaloupe, grape fruit, orange, peach, pear, persimmon, pineapple, radish, star fruit, strawberry, tangerine, water chestnut, water melon.
  4. Spices- turmeric
  5. Teas- Chrysanthemum tea, licorice tea, mint tea, peppermint
  6. Sea food- clam, crab, seaweed, oyster
  7. Other foods- Barley, bean curd, curd, egg white, marjoram, mung, salt, seaweeds, shallots, sugarcane, tofu.

Heaty foods

  1. Vegs- Green & red pepper, spring onion.
  2. Leafy vegs- Chives, chinese parsley, green onion, leaf mustard, leek, rosemary, sweet basil
  3. Fruits- Black berry, black currant, cherry, grape, guava, jackfruit, mandarin orange, mango, peach, raspberry
  4. Non veg- chicken, mutton, shrimp
  5. Spices- Cinnamon, clove, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, pepper
  6. Oils- soybean
  7. Seeds- apricot, chestnut, coconut, dates, dillseed, walnut
  8. Other- Brown sugar, coffee, tobacco, vinegar


  1. Vegs- Beet root, brussel sprouts, carrot, celery, corn, potato, pumpkin, snow peas, sweet potato
  2. Leafy vegs- Radish leaf, rosemary, sage, thyme.
  3. Fruits- Apple, papaya, plum, raspberry
  4. Nuts & seeds- Apricot, dates, kidney beans, fig, raisin, olive, soybean, sunflower seed
  5. Non veg- Egg yolk
  6. Other- Brown rice, honey, milk, sweet rice

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Summer care

Summer skin looks dull, blemished & oily as skin’s natural oils flow freely. It’s estimated that 90% of wrinkles are caused due to sun exposure. Fair skin wrinkles more readily than dark skin because it contains less pigment, which acts as a natural sunscreen.

1. SPF stands for Sun Protective Factor. Always look for a sunscreen that is not water-soluble.
2. Wear cotton fabrics with loose fitting. Go sleeveless. 3. Use hats or umbrellas to cover head. 4. Cut hair shorter or wear it up off your neck & face.
5. Avoid wearing jewelry. Accessorize yourself with beautiful purses, shoes, scarf’s etc. 6. Less make up, the better.
7. lots of water, salads, fruits, less fatty foods.
8. Wash face more often with cold water.
9. Exercise early in the moring or late in the evening.
10. Leave-in heat protection spray and conditioner has Octyl Methyoxycinnamate listed in the contents. This is a known sunscreen ingredient. If you are serious about sun protection for your hair, make sure the products you use list an actual SPF.
11. Do not wear shoes and closed footwear in the summer. Wear strappy, low-heeled sandals or some fancy flats.

Sun burn:
1. The best known aid is aloe vera, applied directly to the burn to heal.
2. If skin has a light smattering of freckles, pat some lime juice or buttermilk onto the freckles and then leave it on till it dries.
3. A combination of 4T grated radish and a few drops of vinegar makes a good bleaching paste.
4. Make a strong tea solution and allow to cool. Sponge the tea over the area and allow to dry.
5. Peel and grate a cucumber. Then take out the juice and mix it with half a teaspoon of glycerin and half a teaspoon of rose water. Pat this solution onto your skin and experience cooling effect.
6. A homemade face mask constituting 1 egg-white mixed with little honey and witch hazel is also very effective.
7. Lavender oil and chamomile oil added to a cool bath will speed healing.
8. Vit E oil applied directly to burn reduces inflammation & prevents scarring.
9. Vit D can reduce the toxic effects of sunburn & may aid victims of sunstroke.

1. People with rounder faces should wear glasses with slightly more angular and narrower frames to accentuate the forehead, cheeks and chin. Go for colours that are dark like black or deep brown.
2. Those with squarer faces should wear glasses with wide, oval frames because they can lessen the angular look and create a softer image.
3. Those with oval faces tend to look good in almost any style or shape sunglasses, yet the best choices are probably the glasses that have a similar width as one’s cheeks.
4. Those with triangular face, choose a thin rim with vertical lines. Make sure the frames don’t sit high on the face, as that will emphasize the triangular look.
5. Those with heart-shaped faces should wear frames that are oval, round or aviator styles.
6. If your nose is wide, avoid plastic frames that have a narrow bridge.
7. For a long nose, try a straight, horizontal frame with a low bridge.
8. If your eyes are close-set, go for smaller frames, making sure that ur eyes are centered in the lenses.
9. For wide-set eyes wear large, opt for rimless frames.
10. If you have hair with light wavy curls, then go for delicate shapes.
11. If your hair is very curly, choose glasses that follow your brow line.
12. Straight hair people are recommended to pick up round sunglasses.
13. Very shorthaired and longhaired people should go in for bold designs.
14. Pastel coloured lenses are ultra-chic, and flatter all face shapes and complexions. Choose from rimless to delicate silver metal framed varieties.
15.Neutral coloured lenses of grey or grey-green are the most versatile and also provide maximum comfort.
16. Brown and coloured lenses are great for day driving, allowing for the best colour definition. 17. Yellow and amber lenses work best for activities where depth perception is especially important.

1.Chk the label for 99 or 100% UV protection since there are 2types of UV rays, A and B.
2. Look for sunglasses that are close fitting. These will prevent UV rays from filtering in.
3. Don’t be misguided by price. Higher priced sunglasses usually reflect fashion or durability, not UV protection.
4. Dark-coloured don’t necessarily provide better protection. A chemical coating applied to the lens is responsible for UV protection, not the lens colour.

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Winter care

The epidermis, outer layer of skin, constantly peels off and rejuvenates. It is more likely to occur during the winter months as the winds are dry and squeeze out the natural oily texture of the skin.

3elements of skin care are needed for any skin during winter.
1. Deep cleansing milk to remove the dirt or excess oil adhering to the skin.
2. This is followed by astringent applications that cools, tightens and tones the skin
3. Followed by an oil based nutrient rich in vit E to nourish the skin.

1. Fluid Intake helps your skin to retain the essential oils automatically and acts as a natural protection against dryness.
2. Take ample amounts of fruits & vegs.
3. steam facial 1-2times/wk excellent in winter as opens pores & revitalises dead skin.
4. AHA moisturiser- Alpha hydroxy acids are great for reducing flaky skin. Apply 3times/wk to exfoliate dead skin which prevents moisture from being absorbed properly.
5. Always wash skin in tepid water as heat pulls the oil out of skin.
6. wear sunscreen on face, lips.
7. wear alcohol free make up as has drying effect on skin.

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