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Age spots

  1. They are the brown spots produced by melanocytes after years of sun exposure.
  2. Use sunscreen with SPF of 15 & higher on your face & neck. Sunscreen shd be able to block both UV type A & UV type B rays. Try Shade UVAGuard.
  3. Cover up with sun-protenctive clothing. Wear a hat & large sunglasses. Walk on shady side of the street.
  4. Car windows doesn’t shield you from UV A, so tint ur windows if state laws allow.
  5. When exposed to sun, your skin’s reservoir of vit C goes down, and unlike most animals, we can’t make vit C. Cellex-C, a 10% vitC solution available through dermatologists, spas, aestheticians is said to may deliver 20 times more vit C to skin than u would get from diet.

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  1. Pimples are forming inside the skin 2wks before you see them on the surface.
  2. Start acne prevention program by washing ur face once a day with a mild, 2.5% form of benzoyl peroxide wash. This kills bacteria that cause acne, but apply it all over face, arms, chest or wherever there’s acne. Stay on this treatment as takes couple of months for this medicine to work. Keep using & don’t quit or will be back the next month.
  3. If ur skin isn’t dry, don’t use moisturizer as can cause acne.
  4. Use gentle cleanser & if feel dry, use light moisturzer. All additional steps like scrubbing, toning can cause an outbreak of acne as you are overmanipulating sking & clogging pores.
  5. Don’t use the grainy scubs as they make cuts on skin & spread bacteria all over it.
  6. Summer heat & humidity invite flare-ups of acne. Sweat clogs the pores, so cleanse 2-3times.
  7. Avoid oily cosmetics & use only oil-free makeup, lotions & sunscreen. But never exercise or sleep with makeup on as clogs hair follicles in your skin.
  8. Use as little hair spray as possible as cause plugging effect on skin & you develop pimples along the hairline.
  9. Keep your hands away from your face.
  10. Oil during cooking can clog the skin.
  11. Change towels & pillow-cases more frequently.
  12. Avoid iodine overdose. Look for iodine in fish & take multivitamins that doesn’t have iodine.
  13. Daily dose of vit A betn 10000 & 15000IU many offer some help in improving acne.
  14. Many nonprescription facial treatments contain glycolic acid, which comes from the family of AHA’s or alpha hydroxy acids. It helps in treatment & prevention of acne as molecules are small enough to penetrate the skin & unclog the pores. It also brings all of the impurities under the skin up & out. Some people have a breakout of acne during the 1st few wks of glycolic acid treatment, but once the impurities come up & out completely, pores close. Glycolic acid exfoliates dead skin cells, unplugs pores & make pores appear smaller.
  15. Take off the stresses. Look at it positively. Acne slows the process of aging as the skin is still oily & productive.   

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