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Kids education

  1. Get involved with ur child’s homework by helping them with it or even asking them to explain it to u. Kids gain motivation when u show excitement about what they have learned. 
  2. Get involved in what they r doing inside classroom as well.
  3. Communicate with ur child’s teacher by going to parent-teacher conferences. They can tell if need help in certain areas.
  4. Give ur child little boost by providing like extracurricular clubs (math club or book club), computer prog’s that integrate education into them.
  5. If u’ve just read 5books to ur child, & he’s demanding n06, tell, “I know u love our special reading time, but now I need to sleep.”
  6. Write down an event u’ve planned for ur child on calender, show her & make sure to honor that commitment.
  7. Have ur child list the qlty’s they’re looking for in a friend. Encourage her to think of children she knows that possess these qlty’s. Ask her if she is showing these qlty’s to others. Determine if ur child is exhibiting behaviors that may be preventing them from making potential friends. 
  8. Make sure meals include all food groups to ensure they are getting plenty of vits.

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Time out

  1. Offer a new cushion or bean bag chair, put it a distance away from the activity. Tell that this is where he or she can take a time out until frustrating feelings r gone. Then u can talk together when everyone is feeling better.
  2. Do not set a time limit for time out. The purpose is regaining composure & rejoining family with proper behavior. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. 
  3. While ur child is taking his or her time out, be sure to gauge whether he or she wants to be chk’d on & soothed or wants privacy.

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