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Summer pests

  1. Product called Off deep woods lasts for 14hrs to prevent bugs, insects etc.
  2. Cutters advanced sport lasts 4hrs.
  3. Sprays dont work when you sweat or get wet, so have to reapply.
  4. Using fans when sitting on deck is a good way.
  5. Mosquito coils repel insects but vapors not good for us.

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Natural air freshners

  1. In one corner keep broad basin filled with lemon circles or orange segments. Keep changing them everyday.
  2. Spray 1/4c baking soda+4c warm water+fistful rose petals.
  3. Grind to smooth paste 2Tclove, fistful rose petals, lemon/orange skin, cinnamon, cook on low with 2c white wine vinegar 10mts, cool. Place small cupful in one corner of a room.

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Daily chores

  1. Its hard to get out of warm, cozy bed. Many parents don’t get enough sleep during the wk (they usually catch up on the wk-end) & so r often grumpy in the morning & in no mood to put up with “nonsense” from their children.

  2. So for a more pleasant morning routine, get up earlier than ur kids, finish the majority of ur personal morning routine like shower, tidy up the living room, wash dishes, sweep floors etc.

  3. There is nothing more frustrating in the morning than looking for the stuff u need. u’ll go nuts if u go through a scavenger hunt every single morning. So choose a spot for e’thing & make it a habit to place things in that place all the time.

  4. Morning is not a time to struggle. learn what irritates u. If messy kitchen kills u every morning, clean it night before.

  5. If guests r there, clean surface areas & make the house presentable. Wake them with soft pleasant voice or set radio on a station that plays soothing music on low. Open window curtains/blinds to let more light into the room. If they dont get up, remind them of the natural consequences like miss school bus.

  6. After waking kids, work on making so u can easily chk up on kids progress in their moring routine. For quick, oatmeal with cinn, nuts, frozen berries or sandwich or fruit smoothie made night before

  7. Create a morning routine charts for kids so they dont forget with all activities u reasonably expect ur child to complete. like filling h20 bottles, clean up their own meals. Charts help e’thing to run smoothly.

  8. Have ur kids chip in & clean their rooms.

  9. Give them sticker or star for every activity they successfully complete on time & reward them with praise each time u give them sticker. Give a bigger reward at the end of the wk for successfully completing a no of morning activities on time.

  10.  Focus on progress rather than perfection to encourage to become more enthusiastic.

  11. Kids shd assist mom with chores around the house.

  12. Chores provide foundation upon which responsibility, self-esteem & strong fam relationships r built. Kids who do daily chores learn responsibility.
  13. They got to take care of themselves like getting ready in the morning, putting away toys, preparing for bed in the evening.
  14. In order to teach kids how to be independent, have them write down a list of daily tasks & mark them off the list as they are completed.

  15. If child doesn’t stop misbehaving, say “ur behr has really drained the energy out of me. Now u got to pay for ur bad manners by doing this chore for me”.

  16. When a child talks back, say “Honey, I love u too much to argue”. I thought u know how to respect ur parents.

  17. If child is demanding like “Where’s dinner?”, say “Dont make rude requests like that. I need some respect”

  18. Clean dishes- If u’ve a double sink, dishwashing is a snap. 1st scrape dishes of excess food with scrubber or steel wool. Stack dishes in preperation for washing. Soak dishes with tough stuck food. clean bottom of pans as any oily residue left will burn onto the bottom of the pan at the next cooking session. In 2nd sink rinse dish washing suds from the dishes. wipe down the sink, dish drainer, dish pan. Dry them on dish rack, wipe with a clean dishtowel. Air dry any rags, dish cloths or sponges or throw into washing machine. Put away all the dishes. Remember to replace sponges & rags frequently. Dont allow Aluminium to soak as doing so can darken the finish. Use a lint free cloth for drying silverware.
  19. Wash laundry- daily load of laundry is necessary b’cos families generate a lot of dirty clothes. Sorting is very imp as if done incorrectly ruins clothes. Read tags to determine how clothes shd be washed, dried & ironed. Some may need to be hand washed. Chk all pockets or can leave nasty surprises like lipstick, cell phone etc. Chk for sewing repairs, repair them, then wash clothes or else will make problems bigger. Chk for stains as need to be pretreated or soaked. If u dry a stain, u’ll most likely have a stain for life. Sort by color or fabric type. Whites go seperate as 1red sock that isn’t colorfast can turn entire white load pink. Colorfast pinks, purples, reds, oranges can be mixed together to make a full load. Red clothing is notorious for losing its color & bleeding onto other fabrics. When in doubt, wash reds sep’ly. Other bright colors can fade or lose their color onto other lighter clothing. Towels r lint producers & the lint they give off sticks to other types of clothing. U can wash towels with blankets, sheets & robes as long as e’thing is colorfast. If u follow these steps at the beginning of the laundry session, u avoid most of the common pitfalls that can ruin ur clothing. If u get truly overwhelmed by ur laundry, chk out a local laundromat that will wash, dry & fold ur loads for u which charge by the pound for laundry & aren’t expensive.
  20. Tidy up: Doing little clutter ctrl on daily basis keeps ur home ready for company at a moment’s notice. Also prevents ur home from turning into a disaster zone that will take hrs through to plow through. A tidy room makes a big difference in our motivation to tackle up big projects. Do 15min clean ups by room to keep ur rooms ready for visitors.
  21. Living room: Put all items that donot belong in a container like basket/box/bag. Brush off cushions from couch, retrieve any missing items from the depths of the couch, brush off the dirt from interior of the couch onto floor, replace & fluff the pillows. Dust down the coffeee table & arrange its contents properly. Neatly stack up the magazines & books. vacuum/sweep up the floor. Put away ur dust rag & vacuum or broom. Grab the container, take missing items to their homes. Now its clutter free. Unless u’re extremely motivated, let urself relax. If constantly working, will do more damage in the long run. Try dusting cloth lampshades with a lint roller which works quickly & effectively without hassle of a vacuum. Slip an unmatched sock on ur hand & dust as u go.
  22. Trash: Sprinkle b.soda into ur trash can/garbage to prevent odors from overtaking ur home.
  23. To clean mirrors & windows use old newspapers as leave less fuzzy residue & inexpensive  vinegar which help mirror dry streak free.  
  24. Microwave: B to b 1c h20 in a cup in m.wave so steam loosens dried on particles & so can  easily wiped away.
  25. Toilet: Put toilet cleaner in the toilet to soak while u wipe down the outside.
  26. Friz: WIpe down the inside with b.soda. It scrubs & eliminates odors without damaging surfaces.
  27. Oven: Night spray inside the oven with oven cleaner, next morning wipe away the dirt & grime easily.
  28. Appliances: Wipe up spots & spills quickly so they’ll need only an occasional thorough wipe down.
  29. Junk: Toss junk mail, catalogs or magazines to keep from piling up & litter ur home.
  30. Plants: Dust & water them regularly.
  31. Kitchen: Wipe down a countertop. Prevent cross-contamination of germs & bacteria by freq’tly changing hand & kitchen towels.
  32. Car: Clean out the cupholders & cubby holes where trash gets stowed.
  33. Drains: Prevent or help drain clogs with b.soda, vinegar & hot h20 so no major h.aches later. Pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain followed by 1 cup of hot vinegar. Wait 5 minutes before flushing the drain with 2 quarts of hot water. You can repeat this process a few times if it is necessary. If this is the first time you have cleaned your drain in a long time it may be necessary to repeat the baking soda flush a couple of times. Another option is, pour 1c b.soda & 1/2c salt down the drain, let sit o.night, flush with 2c boiling h20.
  34. Make free time full of activities that ur child enjoys most like play with u, watch tv etc. Dont let them feel bored or tempted to plop themselves in front of a tv/comp/video game. Take them to museums or library
  35. Only give limited no of toys at any given stage, every 3mths or so rotate them so house will be less cluttered.
  36. Flubber: 11/3c warm h20+2t borax till com’ly dissolves. In another container mix well 11/3c very warm h20+2c white glue+liquid h20 color. Mix all with hands by lifting & turning so well combined. U can now play by stretching, rolling into ball & bounce etc. It is a polymer formed by chemical reaction.
  37. Play dough: 2c flour+2c warm h20+1c s+2To+1Tcream of tartar for improved elasticity(opt)+food color.
  38. Help kid read their school supply list so she can speculate how the supplies will be used. Let her label her books.
  39. Make kids finish before dinner. If they make excuses to avoid doing, dont fall into that trap. If finish all, tell them they’ll be allowed to watch tv as a reward. is uncomfortable if lessons aren’t easy for them. Let them do in a place where u can keep an eye on them. Help them but dont get sucked into doing all their assignments.
  40. Invest on DVR to save time b’cos commercials r cut out.
  41. Make kids do a quick tidy up like put away their toys, kid clutter, lay out tomorrow’s clothes before go to bed.
  42. Help them establish good habits to make ur life easier.
  43. Make kids spread blanket neatly on their bed.
  44. Help the kid to set alarm on her own & encourage her to get up on her own when alarm goes off.
  45. Bed time: U’re going to unwind & relax. Spend some qlty time with ur children. For bedtime to be calm & enjoyable, put them on a schedule, they need more sleep than us. Ask them to brush, use & drink h20. Escort them to bed, make sure they r tucked in, talk/read to them a little. Help them relax in bed by focusing on deep breathing to slow their breathing which helps cue their body to go to sleep. Or ask them to think of a relaxing place like a beach, field or floating on a cloud or sing softly.

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