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Ear ache

  1. Q-tips just shove the wax in more, so don’t use.
  2. Ear syringe.

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Cuts & scrapes

  1. Sprinkle turmeric over cut or wound.
  2. To stop wound from bleeding, place a teabag on the wound.
  3. Apply lavender oil.

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  1. For normal constipation, eat 1/2c walnuts/raisins/dates/figs.
  2. Drink cranberry juice.
  3. Drink 1-2 tsp’s fiber mixed in water.
  4. For some, just drinking hot milk helps.

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Chapped lips

  1. Drink more water everyday.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly or vaseline.
  3. Apply any oil or butter.

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Bruises & burns

  1. Apply butter & leave. Works on the worst of bruises.
  2. Apply honey immediately on burns or boils.
  3. Put cut potato on burn. The starch neutralises the burn, pain & future scarring. Great for sunburn too.
  4. Apply colgate toothpaste on the burn.
  5. For minor burns, apply 2t baking soda+h20 paste, let dry well, reapply.
  6. Apply egg white on burns which alleviates pain. When dries up, if pain comes again, reapply.
  7. For instant relief from burns, pour some rubbing alcohol.

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Body odor

  1. Rub lemon juice or baking soda+lemon juice under arms or private parts where it sweats a lot.
  2. If due to Mg deficiency, take Mg tablets. Or apply milk of magnesia(shake) with cotton for immediate effect. 
  3. After bath/shower, spray all over body 3Tvanilla extract+1t rubbing alcohol+1c water shaked in bottle.
  4. Take 2 50mg tablets zinc twice a day for 1week.

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Bad breath

  1. Chew parsley after every meal especially if garlic & fish dishes.
  2. If due to yeast infection in the lining of stomach, take flora balance which is a dietary supplement to balance the yeast in our body. If not, try eating curd everyday.
  3. Wash mouth with lukewarm water & lime juice or with lukewarm salt water before going to bed.
  4. Dip tooth brush in baking soda & brush. Then floss &  brush with regular tooth paste. Baking soda eats odors.
  5. Chew or keep in mouth 1clove. It’s good for toothache too.
  6. Chew on mint leaves.
  7. After brushing, mouth wash with 1part 3% hydrogen peroxide+1part water. Can add pinch salt & pinch baking soda if want
  8. If all else fails, go to doctor.

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  1. Take 500mg fish oil capsules 3tabs 3times/day till you notice improvement and then 1tab 3times/day. It rebuilds central nervous system.
  2. Chew 5gingko leaves. It also keeps diabetes under ctrl.

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  1. Nasal irrigation with 1qt water boiled & cooled+2-3t salt+1t baking soda(eliminates stinging nature of salt) over sink.
  2. Drink hot herbal tea.
  3. Take zinc tablets, 50mg.
  4. Do steaming with herbs, garlic(antibiotic), cayenne pepper(clears passages)

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Stretch marks

  1. During pregnancy use cocoa butter.
  2. To diminish old stretch marks, apply 1t crisco+2Tpeanut butter for 15mts, wash off. Do 3times/wk.
  3. Apply vit E oil everyday after shower. Any type of scar disappears. Also try 100% olive oil, unrefined hempseed oil, flaxseed oil, castor oils.

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