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Hand care

Dark elbows: Msg l.juice + milk cream + haldi regularly.

Scrub 1: Rub table salt lightly in circular motions from fingertips to upper arms, wash off for smooth skin.

2: Soak oatmeal in milk 5mts, msg into arms, leave 15mts, wash off for smooth & fair skin.

Apply regularly hand lotion of equal parts rose h20, l.juice, glycerine, refrigerate airtight. Apply little of this at bed time for 15mts, wash off.

Sun tan: Apply equal parts tom juice, l.juice, milk 10mts, scrub with besan+haldi, wash.

Winter dryness: olive oil + few drops milk to arms 15mts, wash.


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For 1cone which can cover 2hands fully, mix in stainless steel vessel 1heaping tsp mehendi pow(see its not sitting on shelf for long time as looses power & shd be bright green with grassy, earthy aroma), 1/2t sugar, 1/2t tam.paste, as muxh l.juice to form paste. Let sit o.night airtight without air bubbles. Mix in 1/2t ess oil(eucalyptus & tea tree). Keep covered 5hrs. U’ll know that dye has released when top part of henna is brown & brown liquid is seeping out of the paste. Trick is mix in 3:2 proportion of liquid to pow. When mehendi is let fall from spoon, if falls goopily, then is at right consistency but if falls in strings will allow u to create fine links.

For dabbing on damp paste to keep it moist & help secure it to skin, mix 2Tsugar in 2Tl.juice well, use.

For best rslts, sleep with it o.night, scrape it off, leave it untouched by h20 for 10hrs. The deep color lasts 2wks. After use, store mehendi pow airtight in cool, dry place where not exposed to light at all.

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  1. Put some nail polish remover on cotton pad, wipe nails clean.
  2. Msg nails with olive/veg oil while filing to soften nails.
  3. Shape nail tips in one direction only.
  4. Soften cuticles that overlaps onto nail by dipping nails with oil in warm h20. Rub cuticle stick around nail in very small circles till dead cuticle is rubbed off. Then push cuticles back.
  5. Wash hands well, wipe down oil residue with nail polish remover again or polish wont stick.
  6. Wipe off extra base coat on side of bottle, brush on in 2-3swift strokes. Base coat prevents staining nail.
  7. Brush on nail polish & put on more layers to deepen color drying in betn.
  8. Apply top coat that seals in color & protects nail as harder than others. Let dry 5mts as takes long to dry.
  9. Then put some oil to nails to prevent lint from clothes sticking.
  10. If in rush to dry, dip in iced h20.
  11. Cotton buds dipped in nail polish remover helps to clean polish on skin around nail.
  12. Wipe around bottle with tissue dipped in polish remover to prevent it from becoming sealed shut.

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