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House plant care

1. Chk regularly: For decay, rotting, insects, spots, any sign of poor health & watering needs.
2. Water: Don’t drown as roots need air as well as water. Water according to their type & reqt.
3. Provide fresh air: Avoid fluctuating temp & stuffiness. Sunburn is often a problem when placed on a windowsill.
4. Group plants together: Nearly all plants look better & grow better when grouped. Make sure their needs are compatible, i.e. water, light, food.
5. Keep plants dirt free: Bathe every 3ws to keep pores open, reduce insect attack. Let them dry before placing them in hot sun. However if plants r infected with fungal or bacterial disease, washing will create more problems & spread the disease.
6. Turn plant: one-quarter turn each wk will prevent it from growing unevenly towards light.
7. Treat trouble promptly: Donot delay.
8. Loosen surface soil: occasionally if it becomes coated & hard without damaging roots.
9. Remove dead leaves & flowers from plants as harbour diseases which can be fatal to plant.
10. Give plant a rest: Nearly all plants need rest in winter, which means less water, less feeding, less heat than in active growing period.
11. Repot: After 1yr or 2, most plants will need to be repotted as too big for current pot. They begin to look very sick & struggling to grow.
12. When u’re on vacation: Simple & effective method to prevent plant from drying out is to water it thoroughly & wrap both pot & plant with plastic. Before wrapping, cut away unhealthy foliage, any buds about to open. Keep the plant away from direct sunlight & heating vents.


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Bonsai basics

1. Watering: Need to be waterered everyday or two. Best time to water is early morining or late afternoon. Soil shd be moist not soaking wet & not dry.
2. Fertilizer: Donot need much as we donot want to encourage rapid growth. Never fertilize right after repotting or when bonsai is very dry. Wait for 3-4wks. Dont feed if tree is in sick condition.
During growing season apply water soluble fertilizer in 1/2strength every 2-4wks.
3. Repotting: Must periodically be repotted every 2-3yrs to supply a pot bound root system with fresh soil. Do in early spring & water well after it is over. Donot fertilize for 3-4wks & dont let roots go dry.
4. Trimming & pruning: Remove vigorous growth of plant in spring season giving it proper shape & form. !st trim roots & foliage, wire tree so to grow in specific direction. Remove wire after 6mths, trim branches to expose trunk & to shape as needed.

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