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Eye care

Eye brows: Perfectly shaped eyebrows can do wonders, make face look more defined, sharp, look younger, can also change shape of face. Shd be shaped as per face shape. Pull hair back from forehead, examine bone structure in mirror.
Shaping: Tweezing best, no too much pain, discomfort. Numb eyebrows with ice, keep ice near by to ease pain. Do near window to get the best light using hand-held magnifying mirror. Cleanse brow area, outline brow’s natural line with brow pencil to prevent plucking too much hair. Pluck out 1hair at a time in the direction hair grows. start at middle of brow, work towards ear, then work from middle in towards nose. Brows shd extend a little beyond each corner of eye. While tweezing area underneath brow, follow natural shape, avoid plucking hairs from above brow. After u finish, wipe area with cotton bud or swab dipped in some antiseptic lotion to avoid any infection. Rub ice if feels sore.

Eyelashes: Clean old mascara, completely dry before u start. use metal or plastic lash curler. Make sure to catch all lashes at same time in mouth of curler, curl them upwards. Hold curler closed against lashes for at least 5 secs to set curl, then open scissor ends gently to release. Enhance curl u’ve just achieved by applying mascara right after curling. For more curl or to refresh curl later in day, stroke brush to tips of lashes, hold there for 3-5 secs at an upward angle. Mascara is a breeding ground for germs. Be sure to replace it every 3mths.

Dark circles: As we age & receive more sun damage, thin skin under eye can become thinner & wrinkled, which allows veins in fat pad under eye to become more prominent. As skin here is slightly darker than rest of face, any changes in health show up immediately in this delicate area. Sometimes can be hormonal, but often they are just hereditary. To assist in collagen formation & re-vitalizing fragile skin around eyes – take an extra vitC supplement. Tests can be done to determine envtal or food allergies with a simple skin scratch test, a blood test or other alternative types of testing. Vit C effective in fighting allergies. Gently massage saffron or almond oil on dark area before going to bed. Put slice of cucumber/potato on eyes. Take diet rich in iron, vits, prots as deficiencies immediately show up as circles under eyes. Use a mixture of alm oil or c.ber j with l.juice to lighten dark circles. Dip cotton swab in freshly extracted mint juice, rosewater or cold milk. Lie down with feet raised higher than head, put pads on closed eyes 10mts everyday. Drink lots of water, get plenty of rest. Other reasons of dark circles are menstruation, pregnancy, thyroid, over sun exposure.

Puffiness: When fat pad that cushions eye begins to pull away from bone of lower eye & sags due to age. Heredity makes this more of a problem for some people. Retaining water can also cause puffiness, especially in the morning. Thus if u see puffiness under eyes, that is an indication that you’re probably not getting enough water in ur system,thus drink plenty of water. When person is dehydrated body starts storing water as a defence system & this will add to puffiness around eyes. Also, under eye puffiness can indicate that u’re sleeping on a pillow that is too flat, ingesting too much salt or perhaps celebrating with alcohol to a greater degree than normal as cause water retention. Look for topical creams with yeast & cucumber extract.
Cosmetic surgery used to remove fat pad. Laser treatment to vaporise extra skin around the eyelid.
Puffiness can be reduced with
1. Chill spoons in water, place over each eye. When spoons become warm, switch them with others chilling.
2. Settle down 5mts with chilled, steeped chamomile or green tea bag over each eye.
3. Cucumber contains anti-inflammatory properties. Place ice cold cucumber slices or caffeinated tea bags on eyes. 
4. vitE oil o.night around eyes. Sleep on back with head elevated by 2pillows, fluid to drain o.night instead of collecting under eyes.
5. Vit C is a natural diuretic in removing excess water from body.

Eye Exercises 1. Sit down, relax. Breathe normally, look at a spot betn eyes, above bridge of nose for a count of 5, relax. Next look at tip of nose. ease stress & tension.
2. Sit down, relax, look straight in front of you. Inhale & look right as far as possible, without turning head. Slowly come to original position, exhale. Repeat left side. Do 3times.
3. Sit up straight, look down. Slowly inhale, start rolling eyes to right, then to top in circular movement. When eyes have reached top, looking towards eyebrows start exhaling while moving eyes left & downwards in circular movement. 3times.

Glasses: For work u need simple, conservative style.
For evenings, weekends, need more bold, ultra-modern, ultra-feminine style.
Round Face: oval, straight or rectangular frames, slightly larger than ur face.
Square Face: oval frames with straight or rounded lines, in a size more or less equal to face.
Oval Face: any frame is suitable for this face type.

Skin tone imp in determining coloring. All complexions fall into 1 of 2 color bases – blue (cool) or yellow (warm). A cool complexion has blue or pink undertones, warm complexion has a “peaches & cream” or yellow cast. Thus for cool complexion use contrasting & dark colours. While for warm complexion use soft tones.

Eye colours are 2dary element in determining correct frame.
Brown: bronze or horn-rimmed frames.
Black: pink, silver or gold frames.

If have black/brown hair, go in for black or navy frames.

Rimless Frames: Rimless frames look sophisticated and chic. Rimless glasses with lenses cut in soft shapes and in soft colours give the perfect feminine look.
Frames with Tinted & flash-coated lenses: created to match or complement frame’s colour have celebrity appeal, creating a modern, trendy look.

Points to consider while choosing sunglasses:
1. Always look for sunglasses that block 99 or 100% of UV. See that lenses are dark enough to filter out 75-90%of the powerful sunrays.
2. Lenses shdn’t cause eyestrain, headache.
3. Put sunglasses on, look in mirror; if can see ur eyes, lenses aren’t dark enough.
4. Use colours that will help u see the world’s true colour i.e., grey, brown, or green. Avoid yellow or amber lenses they make it hard to distinguish traffic signal.
5. If buying plastic lenses, pick one that has scratch-resistant coating.
6. Try to go for wraparound frames since they offer most protection by blocking light from sides, top, bottom.
7. Go for frames that are strong, sturdy as well as light. Nylon or composite frames are light & strong; metal frames tend to be fashionable but are often heavy & inflexible.

Types of sunglasses

Single-gradient lenses: permanently shaded from top to bottom, cut glare from above but allow u to see clearly below.
Double-gradient lenses: dark on top & bottom, lighter in middle.
Polarized lenses: also great for all these activities, since they block light reflected off smooth surfaces like water & pavement.
Photo chromic lenses; darken in bright light in 30secs but take about 5mts to lighten up again in dimmer conditions. Good if u’re going in & out of house whole day.


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