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Entrance exams in U.S.

  1. ACT(American College Testing Assessment)- By some universities as part of the admission process.
  2. AP(Advanced Placement)program- To take college level courses & exams while still in high school.
  3. CLEP(College Level Examination Program)- To help high school students gain college credit.
  4. DAT(Dental Admission Test)- To enter schools of dentistry.
  5. GED(General Education Devpt)- To earn a certificate/diploma that is equivalent of a high school diploma.
  6. GMAT(Graduate Management Admission Test)- To enter most business schools.
  7. GRE(Graduate Record Examinations)- for admission to graduate schools.
  8. LSAT(Law school admission Test)- for admission to law schools
  9. MCAT(Medical College Admission Test)- admission to medical schools.
  10. PCAT- admission to pharmacy schools.
  11. SAT(Scholastic Assessment Test)- by most universities as part of admission process.
  12. TOEFL(Test Of English As A Foreign Lang)- For students from non-English speaking countries for admission to colleges in US

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  1. An interjection is an exclamation which shows thoughts or feelings.
  2. Interjection for surprise/wonder- Gee! Gosh!
  3. For dislike- Ugh!
  4. When someone stepped on ur toe- Ouch!
  5. Hey, come here.
  6. For silence- Shh!
  7. For tasty- Mmm!
  8. Amazing- Wow!
  9. Eh! For what did u say?
  10. Alas! is a synonym of Woe!
  11. Also Aha! Yuk! Yay! Rah! Ow! Tut-tut! Oops! Hurrah! Yippee! Boo! etc.

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European nationalities

  1. Britain- British
  2. Spain- Spanish
  3. Italy- Italians
  4. Greece- Greek
  5. Turkey- Turkish
  6. Germany- Germans
  7. Belgium- Belgian
  8. Russia- Russian
  9. Finland- Finnish
  10. Norway- Norwegian
  11. Switzerland- Swiss
  12. Ireland- Irish
  13. Hungary- Hungarian
  14. Denmark- Danish
  15. Holland(Netherlands)- Dutch
  16. Ukraine- Ukrainian


  • Canada- Canadians
  • Argentina- Argentinian
  • Israel- Israeli

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Counting non-countables

  1. bar of chocolate
  2. flake of snow
  3. flash of lightning
  4. pinch of salt
  5. puff of cotton
  6. roll of toilet paper
  7. wad of smoke
  8. tube of toothpaste.

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Partitives are nouns that refer to part of a whole.

  1. loaf of bread
  2. bar of chocolate
  3. pkts of biscuits
  4. make of car
  5. pinch of salt
  6. write it down on a scrap of paper
  7. I’m afraid we’ll have to open another barrel of beer
  8. flash of lightning
  9. I am dying for a breath of fresh air
  10. Not one grain of rice left in the cupboard
  11. glass of h20
  12. we’re in for a spot of trouble, I’m telling u!
  13. She gets a fit of anger
  14. piece of advice/paper

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hard-working lazy
clever stupid
relaxed tense
honest dishonest
generous mean
cheerful miserable
flexible inflexible
ambitious unambitious
kind unkind
self-confident shy

Pair of

What pair do we wear on our hands? gloves.

What pair do we wear on our face to see better? eyeglasses.

What pair do we wear inside our shoes? socks.

What pair do we wear on our ears? ear rings.

What pair do we wear on our face when it’s bright? sun glasses.

What pair do we wear on our legs? pants.

What pair do we wear on our feet? shoes.

What pair do we sleep in? pajamas.

What pair do we put on when we take our shoes off? slippers.

What pair do we cut things with? scissors.

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