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Amazing qualities of vinegar.

1. Kills grass on walks & driveways, weeds. Spray full strength until plants have starved.
2. Deter ants. Spray around doors & along other areas where ants are known.
3. Polish car chrome. Apply full strength.
4. Remove skunk odour from a dog. Rub fur with full strength vinegar; rinse.
5. Keep cats away. Sprinkle vinegar on areas u don’t want the cat walking, sleeping etc
6. Tenderize meat. Soak in vinegar over night.
7. Freshen vegetables. Soak wilted vegetables in 2c water + 1Tvinegar.
8. Boil better eggs. Add 2T to water before boiling eggs. Keeps them from cracking.
9. Soothe a bee sting. Dot with vinegar to relieve itching.
10. Relieve sunburn. Lightly rub white vinegar; u may have to reapply.
11. Condition hair. Add 1Tvinegar to dissolve sticky residue left by shampoo.
12. Relieve dry, itchy skin. Add 2T to bath water.
13. Fight dandruff. After shampooing, rinse with vinegar & 2c warm water.
14. Soothe a sore throat. Put 1t vinegar in a glass of water. Gargle, then swallow.
15. Treat sinus infections & chest colds. Add 1/4c or more vinegar to the vaporizer.
16. Deodorize the kitchen drain. Pour 1c down the drain once a wk, let stand 1/2hr, flush.
17. Eliminate onion odor. Rub on your fingers before & after slicing.
18. Clean & disinfect wood cutting boards. Wipe with full strength vinegar.
19. Remove fruit stains from hands. Rub with vinegar.
20. Cut grease & odor on dishes. Add 1T to hot soapy water.
21. Clean a teapot. Boil a mixture of water & vinegar in the teapot. Wipe away the grime.
22. Wash friz with 1:1 h20 & vinegar.
23. Unclog a drain. Pour a handful of baking soda down the drain, add 1/2c vinegar, rinse with hot water.
24. Clean & deodorize jars of mayo, peanut butter etc by rinsing with vinegar when empty.
25. Run 1c of vinegar through the whole cycle once a mth to reduce soap build up
26. Clean stainless steel. Wipe with vinegar dampened cloth.
27. Clean china & fine glassware. Add 1c to a sink of warm water. Gently dip & let dry.
28. Get stains out of pots. Fill pot with 3Tvinegar, pint of h20, boil until stain loosens.
29. Boil 1/4c vinegar, 1c h20 in Microwave to clean & deodarize.
30. Dissolve rust from bolts & other metals. Soak in full strength vinegar.
31. Get rid of cooking smells. Let simmer a small pot of vinegar & h20
32. Unclog steam iron. Pour 1:1 vinegar & h20 into iron’s water chamber, turn to steam, leave iron on for 5mts in upright position. Then unplug & allow to cool. Any loose particles shd come out when you empty the water.
33. Clean a scorched iron plate. Heat equal parts vinegar & salt in a small pan. Rub solution on the cooled iron surface to remove dark or burned stains.
34. Get rid of lint in clothes. Add 1/2c to rinse cycle.
35. Keep colors from running. Immerse clothes in full strength vinegar before washing.
36. Freshen up the washing machine. Periodically pour 1c in the machine, let run through a regular cycle (no clothes added). Will dissolve soap residue.
37. Brighten fabric colors. Add 1/2c to the rinse cycle.
38. Gently rub on fruit, jam, mustard, coffee, tea stains, wash as usual.
39. Get smoke smell out of clothes. Add 1c to a bathtub of hot water, hang clothes above steam. 40. Wipe each lens of eye glasses with a drop of vinegar.
41. Keeps cut flowers fresh for a longer time. Add 2Tvinegar, 1t sugar for 1quart of water.


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House cleaning tips

1. After cleaning ceiling fans, apply a thin coat of wax to the blades to repel dust.
2. To clean ceramic tiles- 1/4c white vinegar + 1gallon h20 with sponge.
3. To whiten a porcelain enamel bathtub- paste of cream of tartar & H2O2 with brush, rinse.
4. Dried foods from pots & pans: Pour hot water & generous amount of baking soda, soak 15mts
5. For faster dusting, wear old socks like gloves & go at it with both hands.
6. Bathroom will be much easier to clean after a steamy bath witch loosens the dirt.
7. Use a slice of lemon to rub off dried eggs from tableware.
8. Add a little vinegar to the rinse water for shiny, streakless glasses.
9. Use baking soda on a damp sponge to remove odors from cutting boards.
10. For an unpleasant odor from the garbage disposal, grind lemon or orange peels in it.

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House cleaning without harming envt.

1. Ditch air freshener, open windows.
2. To freshen carpets, sprinkle baking soda before you vacuum to remove odours.
3. For multipurpose cleaner: 1:3 lemon juice & h20, spray & wipe off with cloth.
4. Bad smell from friz- leave halved lemon or bowl of baking soda inside.
5. Baked on food- 2parts baking soda + 1part salt + enough lime juice to make paste. Spread over stain, leave few mts, scrub off.
6. Bath room cleaner: 1:1 h20 & vinegar for tub, sink, tiles, floor, toilet seat & cistern. For tougher stains & lime scale, scrub with a mix of baking soda & vinegar.To clean the toilet bowl add 1c vinegar, leave overnight, scrub with toilet brush.
7. Copper & Brass: Rub lemon juice & little salt to really make it shine.
8. Window & glass: For a streak free finish, apply 1:1 vinegar & water with old newspaper.
9. If u don’t have time to make homemade cleaners, then stick to Eco brands. Look for good, plant based ingredients instead of chemicals. Avoid phosphates.


  1. Baking soda: An all-purpose cleaner; especially effective on glass coffee pots and glassware; removes red-wine stains from carpeting. A paste (made with water) can shine stainless steel and silver; the paste can also remove tea stains from cups and saucers. Make a paste with a castile- or vegetable-based liquid soap and a drop of essential oil (tea tree or lavender) to clean sinks, countertops, toilets and tubs. Pour 1 cup down the sink to clear a clogged drain, followed by 3 cups of boiling water.
  2. Boiling water: Use weekly to flush drains and avoid clogs.
  3. Coarse salt: Cleans copper pans and scours cookware. Sprinkle salt on fresh spills in the oven, then wipe off. Sprinkle salt on rust stains and squeeze a lime or lemon over them, let sit for several hours and wipe off.
  4. Essential oils: Mix lavender or tea tree essential oils with water and spray on kitchen or bathroom surfaces for an environmentally and people-friendly antibacterial spray.
  5. Lemon juice: Use as a bleaching agent on clothing, and to remove grease from stove & countertops. Add 2T lemon juice to 10 drops of (real) lemon oil and a few drops of jojoba oil to clean and polish wood furniture.
  6. Olive oil: Use to lubricate and polish wood furniture (three parts olive oil to one part vinegar; or two parts olive oil with one part lemon juice).
  7. Potatoes: Halved potatoes can remove rust from baking pans or tinware – follow with a salt scrub or dip the potato in salt before scrubbing.
  8. Tea tree oil: Can be added to vinegar/water solutions for its antibacterial properties. Use it to kill mold and mildew, and on kitchen and bathroom surfaces instead of chemical products. Add 50 drops to a bucket of water to clean countertops and tile floors.
  9. Toothpaste (white, plain): Cleans silver; can remove water stains on wood furniture – dab on, allow it to dry and wipe off
  10. White vinegar: Cleans linoleum floors and glass (from windows to shower doors) when mixed with water and a little liquid soap (castile or vegetable). Cuts grease and removes stains; removes soap scum and cleans toilets (add a bit of baking soda if you like). Pour down drains once a week for antibacterial cleaning. Add to water in a spray bottle to kill mold and mildew.

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