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Insurance terms

  1. actuary- estimates risk for an insurance company
  2. assessor- calculates value of s’thing
  3. claim- request for payment under an insurance policy.
  4. comprehensive- giving total protection, all inclusive
  5. cover- total protection under an insurance policy
  6. insurance broker- middleman who sells insurance policies to clients, operates betn policy holder & insurance company.
  7. liability- risk, anything that can cause insurance policy to take effect
  8. loss adjuster- calculates amount of compensation after a claim is made.
  9. policy- insurance contract
  10. premium- payment for an insurance policy

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  1. booking accomodation- making reservations at hotels
  2. drafting letters- writing to customers & supplies 
  3. filing docs- storing so can easily be found back
  4. keeping boss’s diary- knowing exactily what the boss’s plans for the day & the days to come.
  5. managing internal communication- posting notes, handing round memos, making sure everyone knows what they need to know.
  6. organising meetings- from agenda to sending participants a report
  7. taking the minutes- writing down whats imp in a meeting.

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Business attittudes

  1. availability- being there when necessary
  2. computer skills- masters at least one word processing prog, spreadsheets & databases.
  3. confidentiality- knowing how to keep secret
  4. eagerness to learn- on the lookout for new devpts, keen to master new skills
  5. flexibility- adapting oneself to situation at hand
  6. loyalty- well defend his/her boss/company no matter what happens
  7. organisational skills- efficient in setting up events, arranging meetings, solving practical problems
  8. self confidence- having a strong belief in ones own capacities 
  9. sense of humour- appreciates a good joke, shares a laugh with colleagues.
  10. teamwork- ability to work together effectively with many diff sorts of people.

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Business terms

  1. account- credit facilities a customer has with a supplier 
  2. on approval- to buy goods on condition that u can return them if u’re not satisfied 
  3. assets- all valuables company owns 
  4. bank transfer- a doc by means of which money can be moved from 1account to another
  5. cash desk- where u pay in shop
  6. charge- money as payment
  7. competitor- business colleague who may try to steal ur customers.
  8. counter offer- reply to an offer in which customer requests better conditions
  9. to sell cut price- to sell below the normal price
  10. delivary van- delivers goods
  11. dispatch- send off goods to their destination
  12. display- show to public
  13. earn a living- gain enough money to live
  14. fee- money paid for services rendered
  15. firm offer- seller promises to supply goods at a certain price if accepted withing specified period of time.
  16. free of charge- at no cost
  17. gross profit- profit before costs have been substracted
  18. hire purchase- buy on credit & pay by wkly/mthly instalments 
  19. installment- wkly/mthly payment as part of a credit scheme
  20. invoice-official doc listing goods & prices when a business transaction is made
  21. liabilities- accounting idiom for debts
  22. offer without engagement- seller can change conditions of the offer at any time without prior notice.
  23. order form- doc by means of which an order can be placed
  24. pay cash- pay ready money(notes & coins).
  25. premises- land & bldg a company owns
  26. profitable- giving a good return on investment
  27. purchase- buy in large qty’s
  28. receipt- doc showing that the goods have been paid 
  29. retailer- businessman selling goods in sm qty’s
  30. salary- mthly payment for work as financial compensation
  31. settle an account- pay a bill
  32. statement of account- doc giving an overview of all transactions carried out over a period of time.
  33. regular customer- who makes reg purchases at a shop
  34. to do a roaring trade- run a very profitable business
  35. run an errand- do some shopping 
  36. sales- period in which retailers sell off goods at reduced prices
  37. sample- shows customers what the goods r like
  38. shop around- compare prices at diff shops before buying 
  39. shop lifter- thief who steals from a shop
  40. slump- period of low business activity
  41. supply & demand- process by which economic principles r governed.
  42. terms- conditions
  43. turnover- total value of all goods sold.
  44. wages- financial compensation for work paid wkly
  45. warehouse- store house where goods r stored
  46. wholesaler- businessman selling goods in L qty’s.
  47. wrap up- pack goods to make them look like a present.

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