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Improving memory

  1. Be alert & attentive.
  2. Understand the material rather than memorizing.
  3. Link new bits of knowledge with what u already know.
  4. Engage ur visual & auditory senses using drawings, charts or music to aid memory.
  5. Use mnemonic devices such as formulas or rhymes that serve as memory aids. ex: acronym HOME to memorize great lakes(Huron, Ontario, Michigan, etc).
  6. Repeat & review what u’ve learned as many times as u can. Apply it or use it in conversation so u can remember for a long time.
  7. Things that interest u r easy to remember. So develop interest.
  8. Well rest & properly get hydrated by drinking h20.
  9. Try writing down or reciting aloud to help etch it into ur mind.
  10. Repeat someone’s name when u 1st meet them. Nice to meet u Harold.
  11. Think of a relative or friend who has same name.
  12. Ask person to spell name if its unique to etch it into ur memory.
  13. To remember nos, look for a connection betn nos & ur life(age, birth date, no of siblings). Also see if it resembles a historic date like 1492.
  14. If u’ve phone nearby, examine keys to see if no spells anything memorable.
  15. To remember birthdays etc, fill in all imp dates on calendar at beginning of every yr. Chk it on a daily/wkly basis.
  16. Set up email msg reminders to prompt u on imp day.

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Improving concentration

  1. Do cardio exercise for 15mts everyday.
  2. Meditate 10mts by focusing on breathing before studying to put away distractions.
  3. Set urself a goal & move toward it.
  4. Mix hard boring things with interesting ones so ur interest stays high.
  5. See that ur health is good always. Avoid sugar, coffee.
  6. Do things u dont like but have to do, immediately.
  7. Count from 100 to 0, 3 by 3(100, 97, 94…) in mind.

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