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Brain cleansing

Kapal bhati: Kapal(skull), bhati(purification). Clears head, entire nerv system rejuvenated. Excess fat in stomach reduced & phlegm in lungs reduced. Brain is oxygenated greatly & resp system strengthened. Sit with back & neck erect, head upright, calmly, eyes shut. Exhale forcefully from abdomen while contracting ab muscles & drawing them inward. Focus only on exhalation, do 11times in 1min without pause. In the beginning do slowly, then grad’lly increase pressure & tempo. After 11 cycles, exhale fully and HOLD while withdrawing you anal sphincter inside to the fullest extent possible. Hold for as long as comfortable and then inhale slowly. This is 1 round of k.bhati. In the beginning one should do only 2rounds, gradually increasing to 5 rounds. The cycles may gradually be increased from 11-30 in a minute.

Trataka(Eye gazing): Cures several eye diseases, eyesight improves, reduces lethargy, improves conc. Sit in squatting position(sukhasana), keep all erect, relax, breathe normally. Hang at level of eyes paper with sign like cross/circle or flame 2m away. Without closing eyes, gaze till eyes start watering or strained. Close eyes, imagine that image in eyebrow center, concentrate through minds eye. Gradually increase time with practice.


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Nose cleansing

Jala neti- 3stages

  1. Do 1-2times/day before meals or bed to establish correct working envt of temp & humidity in nose so no dryness or wetness  or blocked conditions. In case of cold, do 3-4times/day. Mix well 1t salt in 1/2lt warm water to form isotonic solution- same as human blood, pour in neti pot. Put cone of pot into right nostril, bend head so h20 comes out from other nostril breathing gently through mouth. Dont sniff, laugh, talk, swallow or have any air movement through nose. After done, blow nose, do other side. Repeat till nose clear of mucus. Warm saline h20 loosens & dissolves internal build ups & vacuum pressure flow of h20 drains out sinus passages which would normally be impossible as sinuses r dead end cavities.
  2. Draw one slow, long inhalation through nose to “bubble” the h20 as it goes through. On exhalation, that h20 is spat out the mouth. Dry nose in betn. Cleans posterior sinus passages.
  3. Warm salty h20 taken in through mouth & snorted out of nose. First rinse mouth & throat with saline h20 to ensure no pathogens(harmful bacteria) in mouth.

Drying nose: Very imp to prevent infec’s. Dont forget this step while doing above. Bend forward from waist & hang head upside down 20secs, then point nose towards knees. In each position, gently breathe in the mouth & out the nose 10times. Left h20 droplets run down. Now stand up, do 10rapid breathes through both nostrils with emphasis on exhalation. Then close 1 nostril, do 10rapid sniffing breathes through other nostril only, now other side, again end up doing through both nostrils together. 

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Stomach cleansing

  1. Jala kunjal: Cleans upper dig tract. On empty stomach, drink 6-8c h20, press far end of tongue to stimulate vomiting reflux. In few secs stomach cleaned creating light, refreshed feeling. This technique ctrls pyloric sphincter at end of stomach that prevents food from coming back, which only opens if dig is inadequate so stomach can redigest food. 
  2. Agnisar kriya: Agni(fire), sar(essence), kriya(action). As stimulates fire for dig system to work at its optimum level. Do morning on empty stomach after evacuating bowels. While standing, bend slightly forward from waist keeping back straight & rest hands on knees for support but with arms straight. Breathe in deeply, exhale fully contracting abdomen & lungs so that all air expelled. While holding breathe in this position, contract ab muscles in & out rapidly without inhaling as many times as possible & then take slow deep breathe inside. This is 1 round. Ab muscles must be slowly developed over time, so do 3rounds 1st, each of 10contracting cycles. This could gradually built upto 100cycles. People with BP, heart disease, ulcers, hyper thyroidism, diarrhoea shdn’t do. Excellent for ab & dig systems(removes gas, hyperacidity, indigestion etc). Works wonders on sluggish kidneys, liver.
  3. Vatsara dhauti: Intestines cleaned with air. Very useful for complaints of bloating, acidity, heartburn. Do 1-2times/day before meal. Sit comfortably, open mouth, shape lips like crows beak. Now assume air is like h20 & start gulping down the air as u would while drinking h20. Air may be had in 1 long gulp sucking in as much or in series of continuous gulps. Do till stomach feels full to max extent possible. Stop practice, close mouth, relax completely, don’t try to expel air. In due course, air will pass out of anus in its own time.
  4. Nauli- Strengthens abd organs.
  5. Basti- Enema. Cleans large intestine.
  6. Shanka prakshalana: Quick relief from many ailments. Shanka means conch(intestines), prakshalana means cleaning. Cleans whole dig system from mouth to anus, takes 4hrs. Only other method that can do thorough cleansing as this is prolonged fast which is difficult. Choose day when not too cold nor too hot nor changeable weather. If done at end of winter(spring clean), u could get rid off intestinal mucus accumulated. End of summer is also good time to clean up for coming cold weather, so body can regulate its heart beat & “hibernate” more efficiently. Previous night, eat light, early dinner. Next day, on empty stomach, drink 2c l.warm saline h20(not too salty), do 5asanas(below, each done 8times fast without break), repeat 2more times & try to evacuate stool. Continue drinking, asanas, evacuation till clear h20 starts gushing out from anus. Need to drink 20-40c. After finished, lie down in savasana 45mts, but dont go to sleep. After 1/2hr, eat kichree by boiling rice & mung in 2:1 with lot of ghee. Dont add any salt. For mth later, eat easy digestible foods only. Works wonders for disorders of digestion(gas, stomach pains, hyperacidity, constipation), impure blood(bad complexion, acne, boils, rashes), mensus(PMS, irregular cycles, infertility), bad breath, mental(overload, repressed anger, depression, sharpens intellect), auxillary dig organs like gall bladder(stones), spleen, pancreas, liver(hepatitis). Cures also kidney problems, hormonal imbalances, anaemia, chronic infec’s, migraines, asthma, sinus etc. Can be done twice/yr.

Anatomy of s.prakshalana: There r 5valves(sphincters) in our food passage i.e oesophageal, pyloric, ileocecal, colon, anus. At any stage, mental, emotional, muscular tensions can restrict flow in the system by getting accumulated in stomach region & valves might get blocked. Its sensitivity to tensions is cause for stomach ailments. Salty h20, asanas, breathing, all together msg those valves to relax & open up. They get reconditioned along with organs connected to them & corresponding nervous ctrl systems. Normally in GI tract due to +ve osmotic pressure, all salts, chemicals, nutrients in food r absorbed into blood stream. But if waste clings to int.walls, diameter of psgs reduces & food poorly transferred across cells. Warm salt h20 dissolves all this matter, cleans walls. Once physical matter removed, due to -ve osmotic pressure caused by salt in h20, h20 then starts to draw salts, acids, toxins out of blood stream & into h20 for elimination. This is an amazing phenomenon.

Laghoo: Short form, takes 15mts, shd drink only 6-8c l.warm saline h20 & keep doing asanas till cleaned well. Do once a mth.

Asanas: Do in 1min, 8times.A: Tadasana(stretch pose): Tadasana (The Heavenly Stretch Pose)

B.Tiryaka tadasana(side bending stretch pose)

Tiryaka Tadasana (Side Bending Stretch Pose) 

C.Kati chakrasana(waist rotating pose)

Kati Chakrasana (Waist Rotating Pose)

D. Tiryaka bhujangasana(twisting cobra)

Tiryaka Bhujangasana (Twisting Cobra)

E. Udarakarshasana(abdominal msg pose)

Udarakarshanasana (The Abdominal Massage Pose)

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