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Home made beauty recipes

  • Lemon-egg shampoo: For bouncy & shiny hair. Shampoo into hair 1egg+1t l.j+3Tshampoo, rinse well. Egg acts as conditioner & l.j will bring shine to hair.
  • Oatmeal bath/facial scrub: Powder 1sm bar castile/baby soap/dove grate+powdered (2c oatmeal powder & 1sm pkg blanched almonds). Use 2-3T in bath water or use 1t to scrub face.
  • Almond rose water body lotion: 1/4c rose water+1/4c glycerin+2Twitch hazel+1Talmond oil.

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Getting rid of acne scars naturally

To affected areas–
  1. Apply lemon j+h20 or drink lemon h20 daily.
  2. Apply aloe vera gel/juice.
  3. Place tomato slices.
  4. Rub olive oil.
  5. Drink lot of h20 so dead cells gets shed easily.
  6. If scars are severe, go to dermatologist. Laser resurfacing- top layer of skin is removed. Micro-derm abrasion-top layer is scraped off. Chemical peel- removes damaged skin layer chemically.

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Homemade face masks

Binder mix: 1c kaolin(fine clay) powder+1/4c corn flour+1Tfinely ground rolled oats/plain flour/finely gr’d almonds. Store air-tight.  This stores indefinitely.

Base mask: 1Tbinder mix+1T milk powder+1Tfood from list suited to your skin type+2drops essential oil suited to your skin from list.  Apply immediately after cleansing face. Wash off with warm h20 & moisturize.

apple pulp: slightly acidic; soothes and gently exfoliates.

asparagus pulp: stimulating; dries up pimples.

brewer’s yeast: excellent for oily skin.

carrot pulp: antiseptic; heals pimples.

celery juice: acts as a toner for tired or older skin.

cooked & mashed turnip: deep-cleansing.

egg white: astringent and drying for oily skins.

egg yolk: nourishes dry skin.

fresh fig pulp: an emollient & cleanses.

grated cucumber: cools, soothes & heals. Works as a mild bleach for sallow skin & freckles.

grated raw potato: helps clear blemishes & eczema.

honey: hydrates, softens, soothes & heals.

lemon juice(diluted in one part water/one part lemon juice): removes oil & gently bleaches freckles.

lettuce juice (blend lettuce leaves to a pulp, adding a little water): soothes sore, rough skin; helps heal pimples.

mashed apricots: moisturizes, soothes & cleanses.

mashed avocado: deeply penetrating & nourishing.

mashed banana: nourishing.

mashed strawberries: slightly acidic & luxurious; cleanses.

mashed tomatoes: excellent for oily skin.

natural yoghurt: moisturizes & restores skin’s acid balance.

orange juice: hydrating for older skin.

pear pulp: soothes & cools hot, sunburnt skin.

pineapple pulp: an astringent wash for oily skin.

watermelon juice: gently exfoliates, softens & deep-cleanses.

Essential oils

dry and normal skin: lavender, evening primrose, sandalwood.

oily skin: geranium, lemon, ylang-ylang.

pimple: evening primrose, clary sage, lavender.

acne: carrot, evening primrose, tea-tree.

eczema: carrot, chamomile, lavender.

Mask for troubled skin: 1Tbase mask+1Tcarrot/lettuce pulp+1t honey+1t yoghurt+2drops lavender oil.

Mask for dry skin: 1e.yolk beaten+2t cream+1t honey+2drops lavender/evening primerose oil+finely ground almond.

Mask for oily skin: 1/2t lemon j+11/2t orange j+1t celery j+1t olive oil+1t yoghurt+2drops geranium/lavender oil+ milk powder.

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Natural beauty @home

Basic ingredients

  1. Alcohol: Rubbing/isopropyl alcohol vapors make some people dizzy & sick to their stomachs. So, use natural alcohols such as vodka, gin & rum. Vodka is gentle, fragrance free & colorless. Gin is made from juniper berries & rum made from molasses.
  2. Almond oil: A pale yellow oil from seed of almond tree, rich in natural emollients that have skin softening qualities. It is absorbed easily by skin & recommended for all skin types & may be used full strength.
  3. Aloe vera: Leaves of aloe vera plant contain a sap which is 991/2% water, that is believed to promote healing & soothe the skin.
  4. Alum/Aluminium sulphate: It’s an anti-septic & helps stop bleeding. Buy only cosmetic grade.
  5. Apricot kernel/persic oil: Hard to find, but popular body oil as it doesn’t leave an oily film on skin.
  6. Aspirin/salicyclic acid: Salicyclic acid occurs naturally in many plant leaves. Used as preservative, antiseptic, anti-itch treatment. But care should be taken as aspirin can be absorbed through the skin.
  7. Avocado: Contain more protein than in any other fruit, rich in oil, vits AB. Used as moisturizer for skin & hair.
  8. Baking soda: It is gentle, alkaline & so neutralizes acids. When mixed with acids like vinegar, CO2 produced. It is used as skin soother in bath, tooth powder, deodorizer when mixed with body powders. It is a cleansing hair rinse that no commercial product compares to for getting hair super clean & removing residues left from styling products. Do this rinse before coloring or using permanent wave solutions on your hair.
  9. Beer: Excellent hair rinse & setting lotion. Flatter the beer, the better. Sugar & protein in beer thicken the hair. Beer odor leaves as soon as hair dries, so don’t have to worry about smell.
  10. Beeswax: Wax secreted from underside of bees will not become rancid b’cos of high levels of potassium & has germ killing properties. It forms a protective barrier on skin to guard against environmental irritants & lock in moisture.
  11. Borax/Sodium tetraborate: It is a natural chemical substance found on alkaline lakeshores. It is used as a water softener, preservative & texturizer. B’cos it’s a mild alkali, it gently cleanses without drying skin.
  12. Castile soap: It is a mild white soap made with olive oil, named after the Castile region in Spain where it was developed. Real castile soap must be at least 40% olive oil.
  13. Castor oil: It is made from seed of castor oil plant. Excellent for hair, nails & lips. As one of the few oils soluble in alcohol, it is a good fixative for perfumes & colognes.
  14. Chlorophyll: Well known for its deodorant properties & helps promote healing.
  15. Cocoa butter: It is a creamy, fatty wax, solid at room temperature, obtained from seeds of cocoa plant. Pregnant women use it on their stomachs to avoid stretch marks. Look for 100%. If buy as solid stick, easy to rub on skin & lips.
  16. Coconut oil: It is 92%saturated fat. It preserves the skin & hair by locking in moisture. So used to condition hair, skin, lips.
  17. Cornstarch/corn flour: It is powder made from corn. It soothes skin & has healing properties. Used in place of talcum powder.
  18. Egg: Good skin & hair conditioner. Egg yolk is rich in lecithin, a natural emollient. Egg whites are astringent i.e help shrink or tighten skin’s pores. A gentle shampoo can be made simply by using a raw egg to clean hair. Rinse well with cool water as hot water may cook the egg.
  19. Epsom salts/magnesium sulphate: Soaking in these salts is soothing to sore muscles b’cos these salts are slightly astringent. Some take them for indigestion. They are 1st discovered at a mineral spring in Epsom, England. They are key ingredient in many bath salt products. They increase your circulation & help warm tired muscles.
  20. Essential oils: They are highly concentrated aromatic extracts of plants used for aromatherapy. Expensive but last long. You need only a drop or two of this.
  21. Extracts & flavorings: Alcohol is mixed with a substance to produce an extract. It is then used to scent & flavor mixtures. Can be used for quick inexpensive cologne.
  22. Flax seeds: They form a gel when soaked in fluid. It can be used in softening & moisturizing skin & in face masks
  23. Flowers: Some flowers like marigold/calendula has very strong healing powers b’cos of its antibacterial properties.
  24. Fuller’s earth: A naturally occuring clay used in cosmetics & body powders. It absorbs moisture & oil.
  25. Glycerine: It is a clear, odorless, sticky liquid produced during soap making. It extracts moisture & keeps products from drying out. A classic hand-softening formula is glycerine & rose water.
  26. Grape seed oil: It is a popular massage & cosmetic oil b’cos it is so mild & hypoallergenic. It is also used as hair conditioner & as a styling oil, which is believed to enhance hair growth.
  27. Green tea: As a facial rinse, it tightens the pores & calms the skin. There are many varieties of green teas depending on what part of the plant is used. The highest quality tea is called Gyokuro & is made from the earliest tender leaves.
  28. Henna leaves: Ground leaves are a well-known ancient beauty treatment for the hair & nails. Henna contains a resinous substance that, when mixed with water, will coat hair, skin & nails, so can be used to dye the hair, give it extra body & shine, strengthen nails. It should be 100%leaves.
  29. Herbal tea: Used in the bath, as skin freshener, hair rinse, in creams & lotions.
  30. Honey: It contains many vital vitamins & minerals. It has a very high potassium content, which makes it almost impossible for bacteria to survive in it. It is best known for holding moisture. 1-2T in your bath makes skin feel like silk.
  31. Jojoba bean oil: Is popular as it is very similar to our bodies own natural oils.
  32. Lanolin: A natural wax from oil glands of sheep. It absorbs & holds water to skin. It is a heavy, thick substance used to protect the skin. Not recommended for use on oily or very sensitive skin. 
  33. Lemons: Citric acid in it kills bacteria on skin. Its scent is a known energizer. Lemon juice mixed with water makes  a super hair rinse for removing built-up gels & oils. It has antioxidant & astringent properties. It can help to lighten skin & hair & to soften skin. It is deodorizing & cleansing.
  34. Lemon oil: Recommended for all skin types. It can reduce puffiness & wrinkles in the skin. It will add shine to hair(astringent, antiseptic & toning).
  35. Mayonnaise: Oil & eggs in it are moisturizing & nourishing to skin. Vinegar or lemon juice helps restore the skin’s natural acid level. It is a complete treatment & can be used as a moisturizer for the skin or as a conditioner for the hair before the final rinse.
  36. Mineral oil: It is widely used in cosmetics as will not spoil over time as do many other oils. It is a mixture of refined liquid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. It is the main ingredient in baby oils. Petroleum jelly is the solid form of this oil; it stays on top of the skin, providing a shiny protective surface.
  37. Nuts: As rich in oils, good exfoliators when ground & added to cleansers & body scrubs. Their expressed oils are the basis for many creams & lotions.
  38. Oatmeal: It is rich in protein, potassium, iron, phosphates, magnesium, silicon. It has gentle cleansing properties & can be used in place of soap. It is nontoxic & soothing to skin, so it’s especially good for sensitive skin. Use regular, not quick cooking.
  39. Olive oil: It is the first oil used in cosmetics.
  40. Orange flower water/neroli: Excellent astringent & cleanser. It’s scent reduces stress & induces sleep.
  41. Orrisroot powder: Used as fixative in perfumes & powders. It is popular in making potpourris.
  42. Peppermint:  Helpful to oily, irritated, congested skin. This oil evaporates quickly, lending a cool feeling to skin care products. It is antiseptic, anti inflammatory, astringent & toner.
  43. Rose water: Astringent & cleansing.
  44. Sandalwood: Healing for chapped, irritated & dry skin. It helps to maintain skin’s elasticity. It is antiseptic, emollient, cell rejuvenative & soothing.
  45. Sea salt: Astringent & antiseptic. Used to remove dead skin from body & scalp. Don’t use on face/irritated skin as it can be very drying. It contains minerals & is used in baths to soften water & draw impurities from body.
  46. Sesame oil: Has sunscreening properties.
  47. Shea butter: A semi-solid wax from seeds of a tree that is mild, softening & moisturizing with a rich texture. It gives smooth consistency to hand creams.
  48. Stearic acid: It is a white, waxy powder obtained from animal fats & oils. When melted, it becomes a clear liquid. It gives stiffness to creams & keeps oils & water combined, much like beeswax does.
  49. Sun flower seeds: Rich in natural oil & vit E, so perfect for skin scrubs, cleansers, creams. Petals are used in highlighting hair rinses & facial toners.
  50. Super silk: A liquid product from silk of the silkworm’s spent cocoons. It contains amino acids & silk proteins that are able to penetrate the hair shaft giving it strength & the ability to hold moisture. It makes skin feel soft too. 
  51. Table salt: Use non-iodized for tooth care preperations.
  52. Tea tree oil: Has powerful antibacterial & antiviral qualities. Every Australian has small bottle of this in medicine cabinet to help heal small cuts, scrapes & bruises. Its called medicine chest in a bottle. Heals troubled or chapped skin. It is anti bacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, anti inflammatory.
  53. Thyme: Used in mouth wash, on troubled skin, in deodorants.
  54. Tincture of Benzoin: Tincture is a solution that is about 50% alcohol. It is a gum resin, used as a preservative & antiseptic.
  55. Vinegar/acetic acid: When fruit juice ferments, it turns into vinegar which is known for high acid content & sharp odor. It is used to remove alkaline residues from skin & hair. Never apply it directly to body, dilute with water(1part vinegar to 8parts water). It softens & cleanses skin & assists in maintaining the skin’s acid mantle. Gives shine to hair when used as an after shampoo rinse. Apple cider vinegar is the most commonly used type for skin & hair care.
  56. VitA: It can be easily absorbed through skin but too much can be damaging. It has skin healing properties similar to those of vitE.
  57. VitC: It is a preservative & antioxidant.
  58. VitE: It is believed to protect body fat & tissues from breakdown & to slow down the aging process. It also helps normal RBC, muscles, body tissues to grow & remain healthy. Can be used as moisturizer. It is very thick & sticky & is best on small areas such as under eyes.
  59. Vodka/alcohol: Generally made from potatoes, but many cheaper ones are made from grains. It is a good pure alcohol for making cosmetics; usually used as a solvent.
  60. Water: Always the purest, filtered water when making cosmetics.
  61. Wheat germ oil: It has high vitA, D & E & believed to have healing properties. 
  62. Witch hazel/Hamamelis: Used as wonderful skin freshener, local anesthetic, anti inflammatory  & astringent. Use to favorite lotion for a cooling moisturizer in the summer. Soak cotton pads in it & use to soothe tired eyes. Donot use internally.
  63. Yoghurt: Has wonderful skin-softening qualities as easily absorbed by skin & makes a soothing cleanser.
  64. Zinc oxide: It is a creamy white powder commonly found in ointment form & used as a sunblock. It is also used as an astringent, antiseptic, and skin healer. Buy cosmetic grade only.

Beauty tools from nature: 

  1. Loofah sponge: Used to remove dead skin cells from the body. It is a gourd that you can grow in your garden. It takes 75days to produce a loofah sponge from seed. It is time to harvest when skin turns brown. Dry gourds in sun, then soak in water unti outer skin disappears. Some people also use to scrub pots in kitchen. Never use on face, as too harsh. Wash it with mild soap & let dry after each use. Get new loofah every 2mths, if you use it everyday.
  2. Pumice stone: It is supercooled bit of volcanic lava used to remove dead skin & calluses from feet, knees, hands & elbows. They always work best when wet.
  3. Sea sponge: It is an animal that lives @ then bottom of the ocean. Their skeletons are used for cleaning & bathing b’cos they are soft & absorb a large amount of water.
  4. Avocado pit: Rub over arms & legs for a good massage treatment. It feels good & improves circulation.
  5. Sand: At beach, it acts like a million pumice stones to clear your feet of dead & rough skin.

Soap alternatives

  1. Oatmeal: Best cleanser as gentle, mild & can be used by all skin types, especially those with dry & sensitive skin. Grind to fine powder, mix with little water to form paste, massage into skin with warm washcloth. Can add 1/2c of oatmea powder to a warm bath to treat & cleanse whole body.
  2. Sugar: Granulated sugar works well as a gentle skin cleanser & scrub. It is not at all dehydrating & so perfect for dry skin types. Massage into wet skin 1t sugar+little water paste with warm washcloth or fingertips. It is gentle enough for face too.
  3. Honey: It is an excellent cleanser used alone or mixed with little lemon juice for oily skin types or milk for dry skin types. Simply massage into wet skin & rinse well.
  4. Dairy products: Instant beautifier both inside & out for clean healthy skin. They are rich in protein, fat, lactic acid, all of which help clean & detoxify complexion, leaving it soft & smooth. Rinse skin well after or else will smell like spoiled milk. Milk baths were made famous by Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen.

Herbs for face & hair

  1. Basil/Ocimum: Has restorative, warming & anti bacterial effects. 
  2. Calendula: It is anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal.
  3. Catnip: It is a narcotic for feline friends but relaxes humans with its pleasant aroma. Used in sleep pillows.
  4. Chamomile: Flowers are used in infusions for hair & skin care & to soothe tired, irritated eyes.
  5. Cinnamon: Used in mouthwashes for its ability to freshen & stimulate gum circulation.
  6. Clove/Sygyzium: Antiseptic, so helps to freshen breath & stimulate gum circulation.
  7. Dill: Seeds are used to freshen breath.
  8. Fennel: Seeds are aromatic & anti inflammatory. An infusion of seeds is cleansing & beneficial for aging skin.
  9. Lavender: It can stimulate circulation & cleanse skin. Aroma is relaxing.
  10. Mint: For mouth & body.
  11. Parsley: Leaves have high chlorophyll content, so ideal breath freshener. It nourishes skin.
  12. Rosemary: Leaves stimulate skin, lend strength to hair & have deodorizing & antibacterial properties.
  13. Sage: Leaves have astringent, antiseptic & anti inflammatory properties.
  14. Thyme: Warming, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal & has astringent properties.

Preparations for eyes: 

  1. Chamomile eye soother: Bring to boil 1c distilled water, remove from heat, add 1/8 chamomile tea bags, remove bags when lukewarm, squeeze excess fluid, place on closed eyes 15mts, discard. Store rest in friz for upto 3days & use as hair or facial rinse.
  2. Fennel eye soother: Bring to boil 3Tcrushed  fennel seeds, simmer on low covered 15mts, strain, cool, soak guaze squares/cloth squares/cotton pads in this infusion, squeeze out excess, put on eyes for 15mts, discard. Rest in friz for upto 3days & use as skin rinse.
  3. Nourishing eye oil: Gently massage 1-2drops of 1/2t jojoba oil+1drop carrot seed essential oil+400 IU vit E into skin around eyes. Store rest in glass bottle.
  4. Around the eye oil: Gently massage 1-2drops of 1/8t rosehip seed oil+10drops evening primrose oil+10drops vit E+10drops jojoba oil into skin around eyes. Store rest in glass bottle. It is very light. Use to remove eye makeup.

Dry Skin treatments: Dry skin is susceptible to premature wrinkling. It is vulnerable to hot, dry weather. AC lowers humidity.

  1. Complexion cream for dry skin: Warm on low 1/4c almond oil+1/4c wheat germ oil+1/2 0z beeswax till wax melts, add warm 1/4c distilled water, 1t tincture of benzoin, 8drops essential oil or rose geranium, 5drops essential oil of lavender, 2drops essential oil of sandalwood, remove from heat & immediately begin beating with electric beater/in a blender/with whisk till begins to thicken & turns creamy color. Pour into a clean, wide mouthed jar, let sit for 4hrs without disturbing while it sets. Store in friz. To prevent seperation, don’t let cream freeze or get too hot. Makes 1c. Oil & wax loosen dirt, facial oil, dead cells, make up etc, which can then easily be removed with a wet washcloth. You can also leave a light layer of cream on face as moisturiser.
  2. Toning mask: Use twice daily to remove flakiness: Blend in blender 2Tcurd+4Tapple sauce+1/4c papaya+1t liquid lecithin, apply to face, leave 5mts, wipe off with clean wash cloth.
  3. Conditioner:  Bring to boil covered 1/4c each of fresh/dry calendula, rosemary, chamomile, lavender, 4c water, turn off heat & steep for 20mts, strain with fine sieve. B to simmer again, add 1/2t agar-agar powder, simmer 1/2min, cool, store in jar in friz. Use as final rinse after shampooing. Leave in or rinse out in 5-10mts. 

Oily skin treatments:

  1. Herbal scrub: Good for acne as antiseptic. Coarsely grind 1c rolled oats, 1/4c cornmeal, 1Tdry thyme leaves, 1Tdry rosemary leaves, 5drops essential oil of cypress in food processor/coffee grinder, store airtight in jar. Scrub face with 2T of this+distilled water/rose water gently, rinse off with water.
  2. Astringent:  To remove excess oil, apply once or twice daily. Blend on low for 2mts in blender 1c aloe vera juice+1/2c rose water+1/2t vegetable glycerine+1/2t essential oil of lemon+3drops essential oil of clary sage. Store in glass bottle, shake well before using. Apply with cotton swabs or spray as light spritzer during the day.
  3. Conditioner: Bring to boil covered 4c water, 1Tpowdered kelp, 1Tsalt, 1/4c each of fresh or dry calendula, rosemary, lemon grass, lavender, turn off heat, let steep 20mts, strain through fine sieve. Store in friz, use as final rinse after shampooing. Leave in for 10mts atleast. Seaweed & salt draw oil away from hair.

Sun treatments:

  1. Sun screen: Mix in covered container 1/4c sesame oil, 2oz aloe vera gel, 1t vit E oil, 8drops essential oil of lavender, shake well before using. Wear daily.
  2. Sunburn treatment: Combine 1/4c aloe vera juice, 1t vit E oil, 10drops essential oil of lavender, shake well before using. Keep in spritzer bottle & spray on burn when needed. Vit E screens sun’s rays & retards cell damage to underlying skin by decreasing oxidation.

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  1. Estrogen can help us look younger as improves skin texture, decreases skin dryness, reduces fine lines & wrinkles.
  2. Hormone replacement therapy helps you look young but there are pros & cons and any treatment should first be discussed with a doctor.
  3. Avoid smoking
  4. Gaining little weight covers hollow area caused due to loss of volume & collagen during aging. 

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Shahnaz Hussain beauty tips


  1. Cleanser: Soak overnight handful each of dried reetha, amla, shikakai in 1lt water, simmer on low till water reduced by 1/2, cool, strain, use to wash hair for 5times. Friz.
  2. Dandruff: Twice a week apply warm coconut oil overnight, apply lime juice on scalp for 1/2hr, wash off. Apply henna once a wk.
  3. Lifeless hair: Twice a wk after applying coconut oil, wrap towel washed in hot h20 & squeezed around head like turban for 5mts. Repeat this 4times so oil is absorbed better. Wash with mild shampoo, massage conditioner lightly into hair, leave 10mts, wash off. In henna powder, mix in 4t each of l.j, coffee, 2eggs, 2t oil, enough curd so hair looks healthy & lustrous.
  4. Grey hair: Amla is said to check greying, so drink one raw amla juice+1gl water or add amla to the henna powder. Henna turns white hair reddish brown. It will not colour dark hair. Soak 1 handful dry amla in 2c  water overnight, strain water, but do not throw the water away. Grind the amla. To the henna powder, add the ground amla, 4tsp’s each of lemon juice & coffee, 2 eggs, enough amla water. It will add shine & substance to the hair. Take also vitamins B-complex & C.
  5. Hair loss due to excess oil: Wash hair everyday with very less shampoo diluted in water, finally rinse with 1/2 mug water+1lemon j. Apply henna once a week with 4t lemon j, 4t coffee, 2eggs, enough tea water for 1/2hr. If donot wish to use egg, add more tea water. Eat more fruits, raw salads, sprouts. Drink more water. Drink 1lemon j+1gl water 1st thing in the morning.


  1. Dry, lifeless: Use facial scrub once a week. If very dry skin, avoid soap & use a cleansing gel or cream. For body use mild, glycerine soap. Apply sesame seed oil(has sunscreen properties also) on body before bath. Apply daily on face 1t honey+e.yolk+ little milk for 20mts or 1t honey+e.white. At night msg onto face for 3mts starting from bridge of nose, upwards in an arc on either side towards temples with both hands good nourishing cream+little water, wipe off with moist cotton wool. Apply sunscreen 20mts before going into sun. Aloe vera is a powerful moisturiser & an anti-oxidant, keeps skin soft & healthy. So use creams & moisturisers with aloe.
  2. Combination skin, pimples: Usually T-zone(forehead, nose, chin) is oily, while rest of face is dry. Wash face twice a day with medicated soap, then wipe oily areas with rose water+equal qty astringent lotion. Avoid applying besan/multana matti as they sometimes clog the pores & cause pimples/black/white heads in pimple prone skin. Apply daily curd+little haldi for 20mts, wash off. Apply on forehead & areas with spots rose water +sandalwood paste for 1hr.
  3. Double chin: Open mouth as wide as you can for 10secs, relax, repeat few times. Sleep without pillow. Massage area daily with cream from chin to down with both hands one hand following the other.
  4. Oily T-zone: Rub gently with small circular movements rice powder+curd+little haldi, leave it on for 5mts, wash off to keep pores free of clogged oil. Once daily at any time, apply 1t honey+1t lemon j+egg white on oily areas for 20mts.
  5. Glowing skin: After cleansing, wipe face with rose water with cotton wool. Use face mask once/twice a week.
  6. Blackheads: Scrub daily with rice powder+curd/rose water using small circular movements, leave on for 5mts, wash off. Once daily apply on face 1t honey+1t lime j+e.white for 20mts.
  7. Thin Waist: Join a gym or health club & lose weight under professional guidance Or, practise yoga daily. Do following exercises. First, lie on floor on back, feet together & arms at the sides. Lift legs 6″ above the ground & hold this position for a count of 10, lower legs to the floor. Repeat 4 times & increase gradually. Next, lie on floor, bend knees, keep feet flat on the floor, raise body to a half-sitting position, holding arms stretched out before you. Lower body to the floor, repeat 4 times. Eat fresh fruits, take clear soups (without butter), salads before the main dish, sprouts, curd, paneer from skimmed milk, lightly cooked vegetables. Avoid rich gravies. Cut down on intake of cereals. For example, 2rotis instead of 3 or only 1c cooked rice. For snack, take cucumber/carrot/any fruit.

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Summer scrub

Sun-dry and powder 50g orange rind, 50g sandalwood powder, 50g vatti vellu, 2fistful vepakulu, 1kg mung, 1/4kg red gram dal, fistful rice, pinch pachakarpooram, some kumkum puvu petals, 8haldi kommulu. Keep airtight. Use in 3mths. 

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daily beauty regimen

To always look best, follow regimen, take good diet, exercise/walk, do stress relief regimen(yoga, meditation, pranayama), take long relaxing bath, get beauty sleep. 

Cleanse- To open pores. Apply cleansers on face & neck.

  1. 1/2c besan(absorbs extra oil)+1t haldi+1/2c milk/milk cream(nourishes) paste 2mts, wash.
  2. Natures most effective cleanser. 1/2c milk+1/2t salt with cotton ball dab, 3mts, apply again, rub gently in circular motions, wash. Or 50ml raw milk+pinch salt+2t l.j to cleanse deep pores & detanner too.
  3. 1cucumber j+4Tcurd, 4mts, wash. Also tightens pores, lightens blemishes & freckles, nourishes skin. Just grated c.ber enough.
  4. Curd- good for dry skin. 1/2c curd+1/2t honey, apply, rub it in gently, leave 3mts, wash.

Tone- To close pores.

  1. Toner pack- Mashed fine c.ber + curd to face, wash after 10mts.
  2. Rub tomato for shrinking pores & toning.

Exfoliate- To remove dead cells with scrubs.

  1. Normal skin- oat flour + little basil + s.wood pow + rose petals + milk paste.
  2. Dry skin- Almond pow+milk+egg. Exfoliating mask & skin lightener.
  3. Blemished skin- oat flour + clay pow + aswagandha + coriander + cumin + fen.s + gin + neem + pinch haldi + curd.
  4. 2Teach oatmeal+ honey + curd pack once a wk. 


  1. Raw potato slices on face as often as u can. It is a natural bleach & exfoliator too.


  1. Skin looks best 2days after facial so plan accordingly for functions.

Make up- Only if necessary.

Moisturize- To provide moisture.

  1. Msg cream on cracked heals to soften & heal.

Twice a wk- Face packs. To be effective, do steaming 1st. But freq steaming not advised for dry skin as draws out moisture. Add p.mints, rose petals, mint petals while steaming for refreshed feeling. Put cotton dipped in chilled milk/rose h20 on eyes. 

  1. Normal skin- E.white + carrot + honey.
  2. Dry skin- E.white + 1t honey + sunflower oil.
  3. Oily skin- 2t multana mitti + 2t chilled rose h20. twice a wk also fine.
  4. Antiwrinkle- Cook 2t oatmeal + 1/2c milk well, mix in 2t olive oil, let cool, apply.
  5. Fruit packs: Mix packs below with besan for dry to normal skins & for oily skins with multana mitti, apply to neck & face, leave 15mts, wash off.
  1. Apple: Mashed + honey.
  2. Banana: Mashed + e.white + l.juice. lightens blemishes, spots.
  3. Carrot: c’d & mashed + curd + l.juice.
  4. Cucumber: Grate + rose h20. Relaxing summer pack.
  5. Grapes: 1:1 pulp + honey.
  6. Mint: Crushed + rose h20/milk for acne.
  7. Tomato: mashed alone or with milk for oily skin.

Pigmentation- packs make u fair.

  1. 5almonds pasted + 1t fresh cream + few drops l.j to face, neck, leave 15mts.
  2. Mashed papaya
  3. Sesame seeds paste + haldi in 1:1ratio.
  4. Tulsi(basil) leaves paste.
  5. 1t milk pow+1t honey+1t l.j+1/2t alm oil pack 15mts.
  6. raw alu thin slices on face
  7. l.j+haldi paste. bleach.
  8. or peel+curd

overnight remedies

  1. Wash face, apply equal qty’s c.ber j, rose h20, l.j. Clears complexion, face glows.
  2. Apply 50ml tom j+1t l.j. Makes skin soft & glowing.
  3. Apply orange j with cotton. Smooth & soft skin
  4. Apply 30ml cabbage j+1t honey. Apply regularly so no wrinkles.
  5. Raw carrot paste. wonderful glowing skin.
  6. Equal qty’s lime j, glycerin, rose h20 regularly all over body at bedtime to remove pimples, blackheads, blemishes & for soft skin. Apply after bath also.

Manicure: Do regularly

  1. Do hand exfoliation for smoothness.
  2. Key to beautiful nails is moisturising all the time.
  3. Biotin rice foods(egg, soy, whole grains, liver), Sulphur foods(apple, c.ber, grapes, garlic, asparagus, onion), EFA’s(salmon, nuts, seeds, tuna) help keep nails shiny, pliable.
  4. When u put hands in h20, keratin swells & shrinks when dry, which weakens bonds that hold up the nail matrix & causes brittle nails. Soak 10mts at night in baby oil/olive oil, keep nails short, file with sponge center, use oil based not acetone remover
  5. As soon as u finish washing dishes, msg oil into hands when damp. Do above scrub regularly. Same to nails.

Pedicure- once a wk.

  1. Soak feet in warm salty water. Dry well, specially betn toes. Remove old polish. Trim nails with a piece of scissors so that they are leveled with the top of ur toes, following the toe. Try not to cut into the skin. File each nail until smooth. Put cotton wool betn each toe to reduce chances of getting polish on ur skin. Apply a base coat. Apply 1 or 2 colour coats. Apply a top coat. Pamper with petroleum jelly or lanolin before u go to bed.

  2. While bathing remove dead skin with pumice stone & loofah. Do twice a day. Every wk, exfoliate with mashed s.berry or crushed almonds+olive or almond oil+salt rubbing harshly, leave 15mts, rinse.

  3. Scrub: Msg regularly into feet 1:1 c.nut oil & l.juice, leave 5mts, add sugar to remaining mix & scrub well, wash it off, apply moisturiser.

To remove unwanted hair from face

  1. Equal qty’s wheat flour+haldi+sesame oil paste


  1. Deep conditioning treatments every alternate day.
  2. Lemon j as hair rinse adds bounce & shine to hair.

Detox diet: raw veggies, fruits, lot of h20, avoid salt, fat.

Stretch marks

  1. Msg body regularly with coconut or almond oil.
  2. Take vit E daily or add couple of vit E capsules to msg oil.
  3. Smear area with e.white, let dry, wash with icy cold h20 to get rid of marks completely.

Bed time regimen

  1. Soak feet in warm water+little salt for instant relief from achy feet. If cracked, apply 1t vaseline+1l.j / glyycerine+rose h20, dry feet, apply talc later. Sleep with feet on pillow 15mts for relief from tired feet, to reduce swelling due to h20 retention.

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  1. Manual: Using abrasive products like silk mitts, wash cloths, loofahs, body scrubs. Soft body brushes/loofahs good for dry exfoliation. They rejuvenate detoxifying body by improving circulation. Start from feet, move to upper body in short circular motions. Once u finish, bath as usual. For face use besan flour or readymade scrubs mixed with haldi which removes blackheads & suntan. 2-3times/wk for oily skin & once for other skins.
  2. Chemical: Less irritating & less damaging, prescribed by dermatologists. Done once a mth at parlors.
  3. Scrubs: Massage for 2mts 2Thoney+2t sea salt on alternate days, rinse off with warm h20, then splash ice cold h20 to close pores, moisturize. Apply sunscreen before going outside as after scubbing, more susceptible to sun damage. Honey is a natural antioxidant & also keeps skin sterile during exfoliation as it is an antibacterial. Sea salt not only scrubs but also stimulates new skin cell growth. Don’t scrub too long or too hard in same area as this will only aggravate the skin.
  4. Microderm abrasion cloth contains micro fibers, that wonderfully slough off dead skin. You will see/feel the difference after first use. Do only once a week or will result in dry, irritated skin.
  5. glycolic acid peel can offer people a low-risk, inexpensive way to polish their skin’s appearance.

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Facial massage

  1. Head tapping: Sit comfortably, take few deep breaths & start tapping head with finger tips for 1min.
  2. Forward swipes: Then with both palms flat & facing forehead, keep turning head from left to right swiping forehead 10times. Hands shdn’t move.
  3. Circle eyes: Make loose fists, place thumbs on cheekbones, firmly draw knuckles in an arc across eyebrows & down the outside of the eye. Next do beneath eyes on crest of cheekbones. Repeat 10times.
  4. Palming cheeks: Open hands, place palms over cheekbones so wrists face down & draw palms down towards mouth, continue along bottom edge of jawbone. Follow the line of the jaw upwards, to just in front of the ears, then in along the cheekbones completing a cycle. Repeat this cycle 10 times.
  5. Mouth swipes: same way as forehead swipes.
  6. Throat pull: With light pressure, pull throat skin forward with 1hand & as it slides off, other hand shd rise. Repeat 10times.
  7. Ear massage: Ear shd be betn 4fingers, 2back & 2front. Now msg up & down 10times. Now starting at top of ear, rub firmly betn thumb & 1st 2fingers, continue down to the lobe covering entire ear. To finish, give earlobe a firm tug, then middle ear, then top, repeat 3times.

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