February 19, 2010 RENU

  • Most people experience some form of depression at some point in their lives.
  • It can range from a minor problem to a major life-threatening illness.
  • At 1st, self care may be enough to pull you out of depression. So follow these steps for 2wks-
  1. Get moving even though you are not in mood. Do exercise to have more energy, lose tension, feel better.
  2. Think of things that you enjoy & do them, like listening to music, walk the dog. You might have to push yourself at 1st, but it will help you feel better.
  3. Reach out- contact friends or family to relieve your lonely feelings as depression thrives on isolation.
  4. Eat healthy, eat regular sized portions.
  5. Stop substance abuse like caffeine, alcohol, or illegal drugs as medicine for depressed feelings. They can make things worse & interfere with medicines.
  6. Herb St.John’s wort may be effective for mild to moderate depression, but it is not regulated by FDA & can change effectiveness of other medicines. So discuss with doctor.
  7. Be positive- tell yourself you are doing the right things to lighten your mood. Resume pleasurable activities or connect with friends and remind yourself daily of these positive trends.
  • If self-care tips doesn’t work, then professional help may be needed and good news is that medical treatment can relieve these symptoms. Treatment includes counseling, self care & medicines.
  • Symptoms are-
  1. feeling sad, blue, tearful, hopeless or down.
  2. showing little interest or pleasure in activities you used to enjoy(including sex).
  3. change in appetite, causing wgt gain/loss.
  4. sleeping much more or less than usual.
  5. feeling restless/irritable.
  6. fatigue/loss of energy.
  7. feeling of worthlessness or excessive guilt.
  8. difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions.
  9. feeling like life isn’t worth living.
  10. thought of death/suicide.

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