Hair do’s & dont’s

February 10, 2010 RENU

  • Always use hair diffuser to prevent shrinkage & mainten moisture.
  • Detangle hair using fingers 1st, then wide toothed comb gently. Excellent detangler is Infusium 23 or Terax crema conditioner.
  • Wash hair with clarifying shampoo.
  • After shampoo, rinse, squeeze out as much h20 as possible, pour 2c h20+2Tapple cider vinegar on scalp from roots, then down to the tips of hair/use spray bottle. Leave on hair for 5-10mts, put plastic cap, wrap head with warm towel. Rinse hair with warm h20 thoroughly so all build up removed. Do every 2wks/once a mth. Adds sheen & softness to hair. Vinegar neutralises the alkali left by shampoos.
  • Avoid 2 in 1 shampoos.
  • If you lack protein, hair color will change from black to orangey red.
  • Steam treat hair for easy absorption of h20 & moisturizers from conditioners to deeply penetrate hair shaft. Simply cover wet hair after shampoo with warm towel for 20-30mts, follow with warm, then a cool rinse. Warmth of steam will open up pores & help remove dirt on hair & scalp. Cool rinse closes pores & hair shaft to further protect hair from any damage. Excellent routine to do every 2wks.
  • Extensions can wreck havoc on hair by removing moisture content & also stop moisture from reaching hair. If wearing any extensions, always massage scalp with moisturizer/olive oil.
  • To test if your hair is healthy, put 1strand through a sewing needle. If slides through, it’s fine or probably straight. If have problems/gets caught along the way, your hair is probably thick, wavy or curly.
  • Another test- If hair floats in h20, it’s healthy or may be a bit oily as oil floats in h20. If hair sinks, hair is absorbing a great deal of h20, which means hair lacks moisture.
  • Eat on regular basis these snacks to add length guaranteed. Almonds, beef salmon, chicken, dairy, dark greens, eggs, fish, fish liver oils, liver, orange, prunes, pumpkin, raisins, strawberries, yellow vegetables.
  • Best way to reduce static due to blow drying is by misting brush with leave in conditioner to calm hair down. Do not use hairspray as this will dry the hair more.
  • Cotton towel is an enemy of curls. It makes hair frizzy & flyaway. Best towel is micro fiber towel, it cuts down the drying time. It absorbs 7times its weight in h20. When hair is wet, hold head upside down, scrunch towel on hair. Can use micro fiber turbans too.
  • Always use wide toothed comb with curly hair, condition hair with redken’s extreme CAT protein reconstructor/barry fletcher’s major moisture deep penetrating conditioner.
  • Grapeseed oil is lightweight, nourishing & won’t weigh the hair down.
  • Vegetable glycerin- Used for centuries throughout history as natural wonder for hair & skin. It holds moisture when applied to wet skin & hair. Choose shampoo with glycerin as an ingredient to keep curly hair moisturized. Or use on its own as an all-natural non-irritating shampoo.
  • Vegetable glycerin is excellent for tightly curled hair as natural moisturizer that helps tame frizzy hair.
  • For sensitive skin, glycerine is a natural cosmetic alternative.
  • Dry scalp removal- Cook oatmeal in boiling h20, cool, msg with fingertips into scalp & hair. It removes dry, itchy skin, while adding moisture to dry hair.
  • Hydrolized oat protein is very effective as volumizer to tired curls b’cos it penetrates hair shaft & reduces frizzies.
  • Never use elastics on hair. Don’t put ponytails too often to avoid damage, friction & breakage.
  • Natural deep hair conditioner- Warm 1/2c dr’d r.mary leaves+1/2c olive oil, strain, coat scalp & ends well with it, wrap hair in plastic cap, put towel on top, leave on for 15mts, wash with clarifying shampoo to remove oil.  Do every 2wks.
  • Best shampoos for dyed hair are- aveda, revlon, thermasilk, which offer color-maintenance.
  • Pomegranates are a must have for hair. They contain most potent antioxidants called flavonoids that guard body against bacteria, harmful molecules & prevent premature aging. They add shine & remove dryness.
  • P.nate shampoo: Pour in glass bottles 21/4oz liquid castile soap+1t liquid glycerine+2t p.nate j+4t cr.b j, shake well prior to use. Rinse hair, lather in shampoo. Don’t keep this mixture for more than 10days. Keep in friz always.
  • Top 10hair healthy foods- seaweed, citrus fruits, blueberries, sardines & salmon, lentils, eggs, w.bran & w.germ, watercress, spinach & kale, brown rice, cantaloupe.
  • Aging- Hair starts thinning, loses sheen, so diet imp. Eat antioxidant-rich & anti-inflammatory foods like berries, beans, raisins, figs, prunes, sunfl seeds, almonds, walnuts, skim milk, green tea(opens up hair follicles & allows hair to grow freely).
  • Hair mask: Massage smooth paste of 1ripe banana+1Tolive oil to wet hair from root to ends, leave 1/2hr with hair wrapped in plastic with warm towel covering it. Rinse with warm h20, shampoo, condition as usual.

Curly hair tips

  • Amino silk acids(protein), whole oats, wheat germ, jojoba, avocado, coconut oil add & maintain hairs natural moisture.
  • If scalp is itchy/flakey, dab cotton ball dipped in diluted mixture of h20 & witch hazel.

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