Foods for beauty

February 10, 2010 RENU

  • Apricot- Pound kernel, add body lotion to blend into smooth paste, use as exfoliator.
  • Avocado- Apply ripe avocado as mask for 10mts.
  • Cucumber- Apply cucumber pieces+few drops lemon juice on face. Put slices on eyes to soothe eyelids.
  • Eggs- Spread over face & throat in upward motion 1egg white+1Thoney, leave for 15mts, rinse off with warm h20. Before shampoo, leave on hair 1Tolive oil+1egg yolk sometime. Makes a great conditioner.
  • Ginger- Scrub face with chopped ginger+body lotion.
  • Honey- Mw 10secs 1Thoney+1t h20, cool, leave on lips 10mts. Apply on spots to dry out pimples.
  • Lemon- Use once a week 1t lemon juice+1t soda+1/2t salt like toothpaste. Rub elbows & knees with slices.
  • Mayonnaise- Msg into hair after shampoo, leave sometime, rinse off. Same way on lips.
  • Milk- Apply milk soaked cotton pad on face to get rid of dirt.
  • Olive oil- Msg warm olive oil onto skin, soak hands & feet in warm olive oil. Leave on hair for 15mts & shampoo. Can remove traces of mascara using olive oil.
  • Orange- Apply on face orange juice+1Tcurd & rinse off after 10mts & splash cold water.
  • Papaya- Apply 1/2ripe papaya+2t honey to face for 10mts & rinse off to prevent wrinkles.
  • Potato- Put circles on eyes for dark circles.
  • Sugar- Rub 2Tbrown sugar(scrubs dirt)+1t lemon juice(unclogs pores)+3drops olive oil(moisturises) over knees & elbows.
  • Tea- Put tea bags on eyes or apply on face as toner.
  • Tomato- Spread on face chopped fine tomato. Works as cleanser & astringent to tighten pores.
  • Turmeric- Apply 2t haldi+1t honey+warm h20 thick paste for 20mts, rinse off.

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