Anti oxidant foods

January 5, 2010 RENU

Free radicals attack us like thieves when we don’t keep our body secure. Anti oxidants protect our body like soldiers when attacked by germs. Body processes have to generate free radicals as a part of the process. They are resposible for cancers, aging etc.

  1. Beta carotene- Imp for healthy & shiny skin, prevents heart & eye problems, strengthens immunity, delays aging. Sources-carrot, papaya, orange, tomato, mango, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potato, egg, milk.
  2. Vit E- For cellular health. Sources-almonds, soybean oil, mango, spinach, broccoli. Eat 1fistful almond/day.
  3. Vit C- Prevents flu. Imp for proper functioning of blood vessels to raise immunity. Sources- Gooseberry, lime, cauliflower, drumstick, papaya, orange, spinach, strawberry, tomato, green chillies.
  4. Zinc- Need in minute quantity but very imp. Heals wounds fast, imp for cellular division. Sources- milk products, peanuts, fish, beans.
  5. Seleniums- Need in small quantity for controlling the functioning of enzymes. Sources- fish, meat, liver, whole grains, egg, garlic. Phyto acids needed for preventing large intestinal cancer are found in beans & wheat grass.
  6. Lycopene- Prevents various cancers. Sources- tomato, guava, grapes, water melon. Isoflavones that lower bad cholesterol are found in soy & milk products, dry beans.
  7. Phyto estrogens- Protect us from breast cancer. Found in soy beans, whole wheat, flax seeds.

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