October 3, 2009 RENU

  1. Considered “wonder foods” & powerhouses of nutritional goodness & life energy.
  2. Grow in any climate, rival meat in nutritional value, mature in 3 to 5 days, requires neither soil or sunshine, & can be eaten raw!
  3. In the process of sprouting, the vitamins, minerals & protein increase dramatically with corresponding decrease in calories & carbohydrates.
  4. Many carbohydrate molecules are broken down during sprouting to allow an absorption of atmospheric N2 & reforming into amino-acids. The resultant protein is the most easily digestible of all proteins, as food predigested by enzymes.
  5. During sprouting, the beans lose their objectionable gas producing quality.
  6. Contain a lot of fiber & h20, thus are very helpful in overcoming constipation.
  7. Safest & best way of getting the advantage of both fruits & vegetables without harmful insecticides.
  8. Ensure that seeds & dried beans are fresh & unsprayed & packaged as food. Old beans don’t sprout.
  9. Seeds packaged for planting purposes may contain mercury compounds or other toxic chemicals.
  10. Main factors for germination are water, air, heat & darkness.
  11. Wash 1c beans thoroughly & soak o.night in 5c warm water. Next day, drain, place the beans in a colander. Place the colander in a big bowl & place a lid over it. This ensures airflow in the soaked beans & prevents rotting. Rinse the soaked beans with h20 twice a day for the next 2 days. The seeds will germinate & sprout in 2-3 days depending on the temperature & humidity.
  12. Will keep in friz for up to 6wks, but freshes is better.
  13. Freezes well, so freeze in large qty’s & use in soups, stir-fry’s, dals, vegetable or fried rice.
  14. Grains that can be sprouted: Wheat, maize, ragi, barley.
  15. Seeds that can be sprouted: Alfalfa, radish, fenugreek, carrot, coriander, pumpkin, muskmelon.
  16. Legumes that can be sprouted: Mung, bengal gram, groundnut, peas.

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