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Home remedies

  1. Acid stomach: Try eating smaller meals freq’tly & avoid midnight snacking. Eat plenty of fresh fruits & veggies, avoid hot spices, alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks.
  2. Acne: Better leave it alone. But, if you must, pop with sterile guaze, rinse well with h20 to prevent spread of infection. Wash mor & ev with oil-free cleanser/mild soap. Excercise to aid circulation & elimination. Use deodorants instead of antiperspirants, as the latter s’times inhibit elimination by blocking sweat glands. Eat whole foods, fruits & veggies. Avoid fats, sugars, junk food. Increase Zn intake by eating fish, whole grains, cereals.
  3. Allergy/hay fever/rhinitis: Vacuum carpets often, exercise freq’tly. VitC with biflavanoids acts as a natural antihistamine. Take pollen supplements few wks before the season starts for prevention.
  4. Blisters: Apply petroleum jelly to areas of skin that are most likely to be affected. Wear thick cotton socks for sports. If u’ve blister, try to let it heal on it’s own. If about to burst, puncture with sterilized(with alcohol or flame) needle, trying to keep the skin intact. Bandage it by day & let it breathe & dry out at night.
  5. Boils: Indicate inadequate diet/Zn deficiency.
  6. Burns: Hold burn under warm to cool h20(very cold h20 may change a 2degree to 3degree burn). Apply lavender oil, cover with sterile dressing. Repeat application every 24hrs. Aloe vera juice is known to reduce pain & promote healing of burns.
  7. Cold: Low fat, high fiber diet helps boost immune system. Take vitC foods like citrus, melons etc.
  8. Conjunctivitis: Highly infectious, so don’t share towels, etc. Cover eyes with cool, moist tea bag to soothe the itch. Wash eyes gently with warm h20 & apply topical medicines per doctors advice.
  9. Cough: Honey+tea+lots of ginger.
  10. Flu: Don’t underestimate it as rarely it can be deadly too. Take vit C & Zn. Avoid aspirin during illness. Get flu shot.
  11. Hangover: Taking B-complex vits before party may help. Drink plenty of h20 to avoid dehydration. Eating carbs may help relieve symptoms. Or whip together a banana+1gl milk+honey.
  12. Ingrown toenail: Can hurt, so worth avoiding. Mostly due to incorrect cutting or stubbing. Soak nails 1st to soften, cut straight across, not in oval shape.
  13. Laryngitis: Drink warm, soothing tea+honey often & rest your voice. Don’t whisper as strains voicebox more than talking. Avoid smoking.
  14. Lyme disease: To prevent tick bites, cover urself when in grass, woodlands or scrub. Wear shoes, socks, long pants, etc & wear insect repellent, esp’lly around ankles. If u find a tick feeding on u, don’t try to pull it out or wipe it off b’cos it’s mouth part may stay in ur skin. Once it’s out, wash area for few wks. If any redness develops in the area, see doctor imm’ly.
  15. Menstrual cramps: Take a warm bath or hold a hot h20 bottle/castor oil pack against abdomen. Take vit B6 daily. Do yoga.
  16. Nosebleeds: If coming freq’tly, increase intake of vitC as strengthens bl.vessels.
  17. PMS: Take vit B6, vitE, Mg.
  18. Sore throat: Drink plenty of fruit juices, avoid milky drinks. Take vitC, Zn. Gargle as many times possible salt h20/lemon h20. Drink tea with honey & lemon.
  19. Sty: Get few of these when imminity is low. Take Zn, vitC. Pluck off offending eye-lash. Place a cold, soaked teabag over sty. Apply warm compresses often & use topical antibiotics.
  20. Sunburn: Apply aloe vera gel & take a cool shower. Apply baking soda+fine oatmeal/vinegar+h20 to skin for sootheness. Calamine lotion & OTC creams are helpful too.

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