Starchy vegetables facts

July 15, 2009 RENU

  1. Squash, potato store well b’cos of less moisture & thick skins.
  2. If tubers don’t have any blemishes & r stored in cool place away from light, can last a long time.
  3. Under a microscope, the starch granules packed inside the potato cells appear as smooth oval shells. When you bake a potato, the starch granules absorb the moisture within the potato. Within the confines of the potato skin, moisture soon turns to steam that expands with great force, separating the starch granules & making a fluffy baked potato. If skin hasn’t been pierced before baking, explodes.
  4. When potatoes are boiled, starch granules absorb not only the internal moisture but also some of the surrounding water. Extra water contributes to making potatoes gummy when mashed. To avoid this problem, once the potatoes are boiled, drain them well, return them to the pot, cover, place them back briefly on the warm element to evaporate some of the excess moisture.
  5. Mashed potatoes- Don’t mix too long or too vigorously as ruptures starch granules & causes to spill their moist starchy contents, resulting in mashed potatoes that are wet & pasty. Some cooks claim that heating milk or butter before adding them to mashed potatoes can make for a more pleasing texture in the finished dish.

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