Vacation time

June 10, 2009 RENU

  1. Pack enough power for the whole trip, disposable or rechargeable batteries with battery charger. Don’t forget to recharge it overnight. If no power for a long time in that area, a spare battery may be needed.
  2. Pack memory cards. Though 1GB might be enough for most vacations, safe to have a backup card.
  3. Carry manual with you, read during free time with camera in hand to try. The more features you use, the more you master the ctrls.
  4. Most compact digital cameras offer 20 or more varieties of preset scenes modes, represented by icons that vary with brand. Once you master these, start thinking outside the box to achieve cool special effects by applying scene settings in creative ways. For example, try shooting a pumpkin with the sunset scene mode. These modes allow even a novice to shoot like an expert. 
  • Portrait- puts subject in focus automatically & the background out of focus.
  • Landscape- achieves greater depth of field with everything in focus.
  • Sunset- enhances warm colors & works well for sunrises too.
  • Self portrait- works for arm’s length shot.
  • Beach & snow- compensates for exposure so snow looks white & sand doesn’t look gray.
  • Cuisine- perfect for shooting food. It compensates for a close distance i.e 1-3ft, reduces flash output, adds color saturation to make food look yummy.
  • Fireworks & Candlelight 

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