Tips for everyday snapshots

June 10, 2009 RENU

  1. In-built camera flashes tend to give a very flat and 2-dimensional appearance to photographs. Avoid using it unless the existing light just isn’t adequate. Try using longer shutter speeds instead. In case of automatic cameras, shutting off the flash (if possible) would automatically ensure longer shutter speeds.
  2. Try shooting at an angle to the face to avoid red eyes. 
  3. Lower the ISO value, the better would be the pixel quality in your files. So use higher ISO only if light is too low.
  4. If background is distracting, throw it off focus & zoom as much as possible to focus subject’s eyes.
  5. While pressing shutter button, squeeze gently till fires but dont jerk down to prevent camera shake. Also hold breath.
  6. Carry camera with you everywhere you go, so you don’t miss a winning image.
  7. Don’t leave batteries in camera for lengthy storage as they leak after a certain period of time, especially the use & throw ones. It is a pathetic way to lose your camera’s functionality.
  8. Never let camera get damp, unless if water-proof. It is the worst enemy of all, especially digital cameras. Use water-proof case for the camera.
  9. Posing is important. Chin held high spells out confidence, but if too high, could speak pride. Stooping gives impression of sluggishness or depression, while chest held out firmly speaks confidence & content. If camera shy, pre-occupy subject’s attention with a prop of some kind. Get person’s hands to do something instead of being stiff.
  10. Never let background be too cluttered, never let poles & trees grow out of people’s heads & shoulders. Instead, better lean against the prop.
  11. Shoot more images than you require & select the best to get the right expression.

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