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June 10, 2009 RENU

  1. Since you will not have much control over lighting conditions/sun position, positioning the subject is important or have to wait for the right time for the right lighting.
  2. If light source is in front of the lens, lens flare occurs. So, keep your back to the Sun & the subject should be in front of you so well illuminated.
  3. If there’s a large area of sky behind the subject, lock focus on the subject by half-pressing the shutter before you fire to well expose subject or lock focus on sky for exposing nature instead of subject.
  4. To shoot portraits with ‘sunshine in your hair’ look, Sun should be low on the horizon. Twilight is too late, around 4pm should do fine in most countries. The sunlight shd’ve started to turn yellow by then, but still bright enough for a good exposure – and just NOT bright enough to create a lens flare. Look through the viewfinder & position the camera-subject combo in such a way as to catch that light in the hair. This works very well for brown & blond hair. Also, zoom in as much as you can. Not only are longer focal lengths better for portraits in general, but they provide just the right effect for the sunshine in your hair effect.   
  5. At night- No option but to use either flash lighting or long exposures with a tripod

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