Summer care

February 24, 2009 RENU

  1. To reverse sun damage use products that stimulate collagen & get rid of brown spots. Add retinol, AHA, Retin A, vit E, Renova or vitC into routine, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, photo facials, resurfacing can help.
  2. Remove dead skin cells by adding exfoliates to skin regime.
  3. Retinol eliminates sun damage by stimulating collagen, eliminates precancerous skin lesions, rejuvenates skin, so improves skin texture & tone.
  4. Alpha hydroxy acid unsticks the glue, peel away brown spots.
  5. FDA approved new ingredient Mexoryl filters out UVA rays. Mexoryl combined with oxtocrylene & avobenzene blocks UVA & UVB rays.
  6. Add sunblock into daily regimen. Best SPF to apply is 15 but apply 1shot glass full. SPF 30 or higher are best for those who don’t apply enough of SPF15. SPF15 prevents 95%of rays. Higher SPF means less sunscreen. Apply 20mts before going out, reapply every 2hrs.
  7. Sun burn checklist to make you feel better but dont reverse sun damage-Topical OTC Cortisone(decrease inflammation, redness, burn), advil/aspirin, cold compress with milk, oatmeal baths, aloe vera.
  8. Using topical anti oxidants like TNS recovery complex, vivite, prevage, revale etc help to restore damaged skin by fighting free radicals, even out skin tone.
  9. Products like radiesse, coppertone ultra guard are collagen fillers.
  10. Wash face 3times a day.

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