January 6, 2009 RENU

  1. For black heads, gently msg face with baking soda+water paste, rinse with warm water, apply moisturiser. Baking soda dries out excess oil & help blemishes heal quickly.
  2. For acne, apply baking soda+h20 thicker paste to face, leave 15mts, rinse with warm water, moisturise. You won’t believe how soft, smooth, clean your face is.
  3. Sometimes occurs due to zinc deficiency, so take multivitamin with zinc.
  4. Put a small blob of toothpaste/egg white on an annoying pimple, leave onovernight, wash off next morning. Pimple will have subsided, repeat till gone. It helps dry it up.
  5. Apply overnight 3Thoney+1Tcinn on pimples, wash off in the morning.
  6. Apply oatmeal & honey.
  7. Apply every night for 2months paste of clove powder+mint leaves+little h20, leave 1/2hr, wash with good cleanser like cetaphil.  Acne wont ever come back. You may feel like you have more acne while
    using this, but thats because its bringing all the zits that were about to come out, quicker so they can heal. By the end of the month, your skin will be clear, and this helps with marks as well!
  8. Apply cooked carrot paste on face & cover with hot compress for 1/2hr each night until flair ups subside. It is called a soltice, which is a natural curing remedy. This is good for allergic rashes also.
  9. Every night dab apple cider vinegar with cotton ball on scars, leave overnight.
  10. Scrub face with granulated sugar+tepid water for 5mts, rinse with warm water followed by cold water to close opened pores. Sugar crystals helps remove the dead skin (almost like sand paper), cleans and opens clogged pores, and gets rid of skin oils that helps cause acne.
  11. Apply 7Tbesan+2Tolive oil+1/2t haldi paste+a large squirt of himalaya neem face mask+a squirt of honey+1/2 lemon juice+enough milk every night b4 bed. Keep in friz.
  12. Dab some tea tree oil with cotton ball on pimples. It dries up skin very well, but it smells awful.
  13. Dab honey in pimples, leave overnight.
  14. Apply to large ones little honey+little aloe vera overnight. Honey acts as antibiotic & aloe allows it to penetrate under the skin. 
  15. Stay away from anything with corn in it, from sugars. Breakouts occur when your blood sugar rises at a very quick rate. All inflammatory foods (sugars, “white” foods, breads, even bananas) raise your blood sugar quickly causing you to break out. Eating anti-inflammatory foods (salmon, lots of rich vegetables, water! water! water! (flushes out the zits)) will combat the bad foods. Find a cleanser with salycilic acid. Use baby diaper rash cream with zinc (the highest level you can find) and apply it to zits. It’ll dry them out. Invest in a good moisturizer like glycerin soap(Pears).
  16. Wash body with head & shoulders shampoo. Skin feels clean & soft.
  17. Morning & evening, steam face for 5mts. With face still hot & wet from the steaming, apply small amount of baking soda+little water paste gently, leave 15mts, rinse with luke-warm or cold water, pat dry, then airdry for 10mts, apply aloe vera gel+2-3 drops of tea tree oil. The steaming opens your pores, the soda exfoliates, the tea tree oil reduces inflamation, the aloe vera gel moisurizes & calms irritated skin, as well as helps the healing process. Apply once in a while egg white facial mask with a spoonful of lemon juice.

Detoxification: The cause of acne is toxins plugging up your kidneys, bowles & liver. Body eliminate these toxins  through secondary eliminatory organ…skin. Dirt covers skin pores & the toxins come up in the form of oil & get trapped under skin. So
!. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day (preferably with lemon juice & pinch of ceyenne pepper)
2. Cut out ALL processed foods (dairy, processed meats, processed cereal and other processed wheats, even processed veggies)Well at least cut back on them
3. Take a multivitamin TWICE daily if you can handle it (preferably Vita-Clear)
4. EAt only cucumbers and carrots and sprouts and maybe potatoes for a few days if you can handle it.
5. Cut out all glucose and eat glucose-rich fruits sparingly. DO NOT DRINK POP!!!!!
6. Try taking these: Milk Thistle, vitamin A and C, Grape Seed Extract, Evening Primrose Oil, Cromium Picomilate? 200, and anything you can find that says “detoxify” on the side
7. Use good hygine
8. Do this a lot when ur watching tv or something: Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 20 seconds, release for 10 seconds, or something on the same ratio. You are breathing out ur toxins. 
9. Wash with a good face wash or do the egg white thing (look down)
10. Eat lots of fiber, 25-30gms/day. 
11. Try not to fight with people & create stress which is horrible for your skin
12. Try not to excercise too much during this detoxification period.


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