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  1. Any aerobic exercise is better than no aerobic exercise. I would be happy to see you doing even a few minutes of it on a regular basis, but if you want to experience all the benefits, please try to do some continuous aerobic activity for thirty minutes a day, on average, five days a week.
  2. Remember to work up to this level gradually and at your own pace, especially if you have not been exercising.
  3. Remember also that I am recommending an average amount of activity over time. It is not the end of the world if you miss a day or two here and there. You can make it up later. Feeling bad about missing exercise probably does you more harm than missing it.
  4. In addition to these workouts, find other ways to increase your daily activity, such as using stairs more often, parking farther from your destinations to walk more, and doing more physical work yourself instead of delegating it to others.
  5. If you exercise with others, try not to do so competitively. Competitive thoughts negate some of the benefits of exercise, especially on your cardiovascular and immune systems and emotions. If you cannot avoid competitive thinking, exercise by yourself
  6. Competitive sports like racquetball, handball, and tennis are not substitutes for aerobic activities such as walking, running and cycling. In competitive sports aerobic work is of a stop-and-go nature rather than continuous. It is regular, continuous effort that tones your cardiovascular system best.
  7. Always warm up before you get into the full swing of aerobic activity. The best warmup is a slowed-down version of the activity you are about to perform. For example, walk, run, or cycle in slow motion. You will see many people stretching as a warmup, but this does not prepare muscles for aerobic exercise as well as slow movement does.
  8. Give yourself a few minutes of cool down at the end of the activity. Repeat the same movements in slow motion.
  9. If you have never exercised, get a medical checkup before you start an exercise program. If you have a history of heart trouble or high blood pressure or a strong family history of such problems, a cardiac stress test may be in order.
  10. Pay attention to your body! Discontinue exercise if you develop unusual aches or pains.
  11. Stop exercising immediately if you develop dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, chest pains, or difficulty in breathing. Get a medical checkup promptly.
  12. Your heart rate and breathing should return to normal within five to ten minutes after the end of aerobic exercise. If they do not, get a medical checkup.
  13. Do not exercise if you are sick. Wait until you feel better, then resume gradually. Don’t worry about losing fitness; it will come back quickly enough. Strenuous exercise at the onset of illness can cause you to be sicker longer.
  14. Cycling is the preferred activity for those with bad knees. It strengthens knee muscles without trauma, leading to less chance of future injury.

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Right way to wash hair

  1. Comb tangles out before wetting hair so tangles would not worsen.
  2. Wet hair thoroughly under shower with warm water to open scale like cuticles of hair to wash off oil & dirt.
  3. Then wash with cold water to close cuticles & add shine to hair with gentle strokes of fingertips.
  4. Rub betn hands a dollop of shampoo, apply to scalp, not ends. Also do not mix your hair all over your head as you shampoo because it will get all tangled up. After this, rinse the shampoo off.
  5. Shampoo 2nd time as 1st time is to get rid of oil & dirt only, but 2nd time to treat hair. So let sit for sometime couple of minutes, rinse well.
  6. Hair is at its delicate when soaked, so just squeeze the water out but don’t pull or tug at hair.
  7. Apply a dollop of conditioner along hairline, nape & ends of hair, pile hair inside shower cap, leave 10mts, rinse off well.

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Hair spray

Put bowl of 2c water+1lemon j & pcs in pot of simmering water till reduced by 1/2, strain, cool, spray bottle, friz, stays 1wk.

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Shahnaz Hussain beauty tips


  1. Cleanser: Soak overnight handful each of dried reetha, amla, shikakai in 1lt water, simmer on low till water reduced by 1/2, cool, strain, use to wash hair for 5times. Friz.
  2. Dandruff: Twice a week apply warm coconut oil overnight, apply lime juice on scalp for 1/2hr, wash off. Apply henna once a wk.
  3. Lifeless hair: Twice a wk after applying coconut oil, wrap towel washed in hot h20 & squeezed around head like turban for 5mts. Repeat this 4times so oil is absorbed better. Wash with mild shampoo, massage conditioner lightly into hair, leave 10mts, wash off. In henna powder, mix in 4t each of l.j, coffee, 2eggs, 2t oil, enough curd so hair looks healthy & lustrous.
  4. Grey hair: Amla is said to check greying, so drink one raw amla juice+1gl water or add amla to the henna powder. Henna turns white hair reddish brown. It will not colour dark hair. Soak 1 handful dry amla in 2c  water overnight, strain water, but do not throw the water away. Grind the amla. To the henna powder, add the ground amla, 4tsp’s each of lemon juice & coffee, 2 eggs, enough amla water. It will add shine & substance to the hair. Take also vitamins B-complex & C.
  5. Hair loss due to excess oil: Wash hair everyday with very less shampoo diluted in water, finally rinse with 1/2 mug water+1lemon j. Apply henna once a week with 4t lemon j, 4t coffee, 2eggs, enough tea water for 1/2hr. If donot wish to use egg, add more tea water. Eat more fruits, raw salads, sprouts. Drink more water. Drink 1lemon j+1gl water 1st thing in the morning.


  1. Dry, lifeless: Use facial scrub once a week. If very dry skin, avoid soap & use a cleansing gel or cream. For body use mild, glycerine soap. Apply sesame seed oil(has sunscreen properties also) on body before bath. Apply daily on face 1t honey+e.yolk+ little milk for 20mts or 1t honey+e.white. At night msg onto face for 3mts starting from bridge of nose, upwards in an arc on either side towards temples with both hands good nourishing cream+little water, wipe off with moist cotton wool. Apply sunscreen 20mts before going into sun. Aloe vera is a powerful moisturiser & an anti-oxidant, keeps skin soft & healthy. So use creams & moisturisers with aloe.
  2. Combination skin, pimples: Usually T-zone(forehead, nose, chin) is oily, while rest of face is dry. Wash face twice a day with medicated soap, then wipe oily areas with rose water+equal qty astringent lotion. Avoid applying besan/multana matti as they sometimes clog the pores & cause pimples/black/white heads in pimple prone skin. Apply daily curd+little haldi for 20mts, wash off. Apply on forehead & areas with spots rose water +sandalwood paste for 1hr.
  3. Double chin: Open mouth as wide as you can for 10secs, relax, repeat few times. Sleep without pillow. Massage area daily with cream from chin to down with both hands one hand following the other.
  4. Oily T-zone: Rub gently with small circular movements rice powder+curd+little haldi, leave it on for 5mts, wash off to keep pores free of clogged oil. Once daily at any time, apply 1t honey+1t lemon j+egg white on oily areas for 20mts.
  5. Glowing skin: After cleansing, wipe face with rose water with cotton wool. Use face mask once/twice a week.
  6. Blackheads: Scrub daily with rice powder+curd/rose water using small circular movements, leave on for 5mts, wash off. Once daily apply on face 1t honey+1t lime j+e.white for 20mts.
  7. Thin Waist: Join a gym or health club & lose weight under professional guidance Or, practise yoga daily. Do following exercises. First, lie on floor on back, feet together & arms at the sides. Lift legs 6″ above the ground & hold this position for a count of 10, lower legs to the floor. Repeat 4 times & increase gradually. Next, lie on floor, bend knees, keep feet flat on the floor, raise body to a half-sitting position, holding arms stretched out before you. Lower body to the floor, repeat 4 times. Eat fresh fruits, take clear soups (without butter), salads before the main dish, sprouts, curd, paneer from skimmed milk, lightly cooked vegetables. Avoid rich gravies. Cut down on intake of cereals. For example, 2rotis instead of 3 or only 1c cooked rice. For snack, take cucumber/carrot/any fruit.

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Ear ache

  1. Q-tips just shove the wax in more, so don’t use.
  2. Ear syringe.

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Cuts & scrapes

  1. Sprinkle turmeric over cut or wound.
  2. To stop wound from bleeding, place a teabag on the wound.
  3. Apply lavender oil.

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  1. For normal constipation, eat 1/2c walnuts/raisins/dates/figs.
  2. Drink cranberry juice.
  3. Drink 1-2 tsp’s fiber mixed in water.
  4. For some, just drinking hot milk helps.

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Chapped lips

  1. Drink more water everyday.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly or vaseline.
  3. Apply any oil or butter.

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Bruises & burns

  1. Apply butter & leave. Works on the worst of bruises.
  2. Apply honey immediately on burns or boils.
  3. Put cut potato on burn. The starch neutralises the burn, pain & future scarring. Great for sunburn too.
  4. Apply colgate toothpaste on the burn.
  5. For minor burns, apply 2t baking soda+h20 paste, let dry well, reapply.
  6. Apply egg white on burns which alleviates pain. When dries up, if pain comes again, reapply.
  7. For instant relief from burns, pour some rubbing alcohol.

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Body odor

  1. Rub lemon juice or baking soda+lemon juice under arms or private parts where it sweats a lot.
  2. If due to Mg deficiency, take Mg tablets. Or apply milk of magnesia(shake) with cotton for immediate effect. 
  3. After bath/shower, spray all over body 3Tvanilla extract+1t rubbing alcohol+1c water shaked in bottle.
  4. Take 2 50mg tablets zinc twice a day for 1week.

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