Age spots

August 4, 2008 RENU

  1. They are the brown spots produced by melanocytes after years of sun exposure.
  2. Use sunscreen with SPF of 15 & higher on your face & neck. Sunscreen shd be able to block both UV type A & UV type B rays. Try Shade UVAGuard.
  3. Cover up with sun-protenctive clothing. Wear a hat & large sunglasses. Walk on shady side of the street.
  4. Car windows doesn’t shield you from UV A, so tint ur windows if state laws allow.
  5. When exposed to sun, your skin’s reservoir of vit C goes down, and unlike most animals, we can’t make vit C. Cellex-C, a 10% vitC solution available through dermatologists, spas, aestheticians is said to may deliver 20 times more vit C to skin than u would get from diet.

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  • 1. Alisa Battaglia  |  December 9, 2008 at 3:18 am

    The sun in itself is not harmful depending on how long (15 min-pale skin to 30 minutes) and what time of day one bathes in the sun (am-infrared light waves or pm-ultraviolet rays). Sun bathing produces vit D essential for radiant health. Cancer patients have low stores of vit D. Free radicals accelerate aging from both internal & external pollution. This causes poor skin, circulation, & assimilation. If we eat whole raw foods via a 3 speed blender our skin does not blotch.

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