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Lord shiva

The unclad body covered with ashes: The unclad body symbolizes the transcendental aspect of the Lord. Since most things reduce to ashes when burned, ashes symbolize the physical universe. The ashes on the unclad body of the Lord signify that Shiva is the source of the entire universe which emanates from Him, but He transcends the physical phenomena and is not affected by it. 

Matted locks: Lord Shiva is the Master of yoga. The three matted locks on the head of the Lord convey the idea that integration of the physical, mental and spiritual energies is the ideal of yoga. 

Ganga: Ganga (river Ganges) is associated with Hindu mythology and is the most sacred river of Hindus. According to tradition, one who bathes in Ganga (revered as Mother Ganga) in accordance with traditional rites and ceremonies on religious occasions in combination with certain astrological events, is freed from sin and attains knowledge, purity and peace. Ganga, symbolically represented on the head of the Lord by a female (Mother Ganga) with a jet of water emanating from her mouth and falling on the ground, signifies that the Lord destroys sin, removes ignorance, and bestows knowledge, purity and peace on the devotees. 

The crescent moon: Is shown on the side of the Lord’s head as an ornament, and not as an integral part of His countenance. The waxing and waning phenomenon of the moon symbolizes the time cycle through which creation evolves from the beginning to the end. Since the Lord is the Eternal Reality, He is beyond time. Thus, the crescent moon is only one of His ornaments, and not an integral part of Him. 

Three eyes: Lord Shiva, also called Tryambaka Deva (literally, “three-eyed Lord”) or Trolochana, is depicted as having three eyes: the sun is His right eye, the moon the left eye and fire the third eye. The two eyes on the right and left indicate His activity in the physical world. The third eye in the center of the forehead symbolizes spiritual knowledge and power, and is thus called the eye of wisdom or knowledge. Like fire, the powerful gaze of Shiva’s third eye annihilates evil, and thus the evil-doers fear His third eye. 

Half-open eyes: When the Lord opens His eyes, a new cycle of creation emerges and when He closes them, the universe dissolves for creation of the next cycle. The half-open eyes convey the idea that creation is going through cyclic process, with no beginning and no end. Lord Shiva is the Master of Yoga, as He uses His yogic power to project the universe from Himself. The half-open eyes also symbolize His yogic posture. 

Kundalas (two ear rings): Two Kundalas, Alakshya (meaning “which cannot be shown by any sign”) and Niranjan (meaning “which cannot be seen by mortal eyes”) in the ears of the Lord signify that He is beyond ordinary perception. Since the kundala in the left ear of the Lord is of the type used by women and the one in His right ear is of the type used by men, these Kundalas also symbolize the Shiva and Shakti (male and female) principle of creation. 

Snake around the neck: Sages have used snakes to symbolize the yogic power of Lord Shiva with which He dissolves and recreates the universe. Like a yogi, a snake hoards nothing, carries nothing, builds nothing, lives on air alone for a long time, and lives in mountains and forests. The venom of a snake, therefore, symbolizes the yogic power. 

A snake (Vasuki): Is shown curled three times around the neck of the Lord and is looking towards His right side. The three coils of the snake symbolize the past, present and future – time in cycles. The Lord wearing the curled snake like an ornament signifies that creation proceeds in cycles and is time dependent, but the Lord Himself transcends time. The right side of the body symbolizes the human activities based upon knowledge, reason and logic. The snake looking towards the right side of the Lord signifies that the Lord’s eternal laws of reason and justice preserve natural order in the universe. 

Rudraksha necklace: Rudra is another name of Shiva. Rudra also means “strict or uncompromising” and aksha means “eye.” Rudraksha necklace worn by the Lord illustrates that He uses His cosmic laws firmly – without compromise – to maintain law and order in the universe. The necklace has 108 beads which symbolize the elements used in the creation of the world. 

Varda Mudra: The Lord’s right hand is shown in a boon – bestowing and blessing pose. As stated earlier, Lord Shiva annihilates evil, grants boons, bestows grace, destroys ignorance, and awakens wisdom in His devotees. 

Trident (Trisulam): A three-pronged trident shown adjacent to the Lord symbolizes His three fundamental powers (shakti) of will (iccha), action (kriya) and knowledge (jnana). The trident also symbolizes the Lord’s power to destroy evil and ignorance. 

Drum: A small drum with two sides separated from each other by a thin neck-like structure symbolizes the two utterly dissimilar states of existence, unmanifest and manifest. When a damaru is vibrated, it produces dissimilar sounds which are fused together by resonance to create a sound. The sound thus produced symbolizes Nada, the cosmic sound of AUM, which can be heard during deep meditation. According to Hindu scriptures, Nada is the source of creation. 

Kamandalam: A water pot (Kamandalam) made from a dry pumpkin contains nectar and is shown on the ground next to Shiva. The process of making Kamandalu has deep spiritual significance. A ripe pumpkin is plucked from a plant, its fruit is removed and the shell is cleaned for containing the nectar. In the same way, an individual must break away from attachment to the physical world and clean his inner self of egoistic desires in order to experience the bliss of the Self, symbolized by the nectar in the Kamandalu. 

Nandi: The bull is associated with Shiva and is said to be His vehicle. The bull symbolizes both power and ignorance. Lord Shiva’s use of the bull as a vehicle conveys the idea that He removes ignorance and bestows power of wisdom on His devotees. The bull is called Vrisha in Sanskrit. Vrisha also means dharma (righteousness). Thus a bull shown next to Shiva also indicates that He is the etemal companion of righteousness. 

Tiger skin: A tiger skin symbolizes potential energy. Lord Shiva, sitting on or wearing a tiger skin, illustrates the idea that He is the source of the creative energy that remains in potential form during the dissolution state of the universe. Of His own Divine Will, the Lord activates the potential form of the creative energy to project the universe in endless cycles. 

Cremation ground: Shiva sitting in the cremation ground signifies that He is the controller of death in the physical world. Since birth and death are cyclic, controlling one implies controlling the other. Thus, Lord Shiva is revered as the ultimate controller of birth and death in the phenomenal world.


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Sri Lingashtakam

Sri Lingashtakam

Brahma Muraari Suraarchita Lingam
Nirmala Bhashita Shobhita Lingam
Janmaja Dukha Vinaashaka Lingam
Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam 

Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, which is adored by Brahma, Vishnu and other Gods, which is praised by pure and holy speeches and which destroys the cycle of births and deaths. 

Devamuni Pravaraarchita Lingam
Kaamadaham Karunaakara Lingam
Raavana Darpa Vinaashaka Lingam
Tat Pranamaami Sada Shiva Lingam 

Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, which is the destroyer of desires, which the Devas and the sages worship, which is infinitely compassionate and which subdued the pride of Raavana. 

Sarva Sugandha Sulepitha Lingam
Buddhi Vivardhana Kaarana Lingam
Siddha Suraasura Vanditha Lingam
Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam 

Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, which is lavishly smeared with variegated perfumes and scents, which elevates the power of thought and enkindles the light of discrimination, and before which the Siddhas and Suras and Asuras prostrate. 

Kanaka Mahaamani Bhushitha Lingam
Phanipathi Veshtitha Shobhitha Lingam
Daksha Suyajna Vinaashaka Lingam 
Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam 

Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, the destroyer of Dakshas sacrifice, which is decorated with various ornaments, studded with different gems and rubies and which glows with the garland of the serpent Lord coiled around it. 

Kumkuma Chandana Lepitha Lingam
Pankaja Haara Sushobhitha Lingam
Sanchitha Paapa Vinaashaka Lingam
Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam 

Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, which is smeared with saffron and sandal paste, which is decorated with lotus garlands and which wipes out all accumulated sins. 

Devaganaarchitha Sevitha Lingam
Bhaavair Bhakti Bhirevacha Lingam
Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Lingam 
Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam 

Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga which is worshipped by the multitude of Gods with genuine thoughts full of faith and devotion and whose splendor is like that of a million suns. 

Ashta Dalopari Veshtitha Lingam
Sarva Samudbhava Kaarana Lingam
Ashta Daridra Vinaashaka Lingam
Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam 

Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, destroyer of all poverty and misery in its eight aspects, which is the cause of all creation and which stands on the eight petalled Lotus. 

Suraguru Suravara Pujitha Lingam
Suravana Pushpa Sadaarchitha Lingam
Paraatparam Paramatmaka Lingam 
Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam 

Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga which is the Transcendent Being and the Supreme Self, worshipped by all Suras and their preceptor (Brhaspathi), with innumerable flowers from the celestial gardens.

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Salba-the superfood

Salba is the richest whole food source of Omega 3 fatty acids and fibre found in nature. Every serving (12 grams or approximately 2 flat tablespoons) of Salba provides over 2,400 mg of Omega 3s, over 4,500 mg of dietary fibre, with less than 0.5 net carbohydrates per serving. Salba is all-natural, has no trans-fats, is gluten free, has almost no carbohydrates, and is certified Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).

Gram for gram, Salba provides- 

  • 50% more folate of asparagus. Folate is needed to make DNA and RNA – which is critical during periods of rapid cell division and growth such as infancy and pregnancy. Folate also helps to prevent changes to DNA that may lead to cancer.
  • 15X more Mg than broccoli. Magnesium helps with formation of bone and teeth and assists the absorption of calcium and potassium. Where calcium stimulates the muscles, magnesium is used to relax the muscles.
  • 1.1X more fiber than all bran, 25% more dietary fiber than flax seed. Dietary fiber has been proven to lower high blood levels of cholesterol. Because of Salba’s ability to absorb several times its weight in water, it may also help to curb hunger.
  • 7Xmore vitC than orange. Vitamin C promotes a healthy immune system, helps wounds heal, maintains connective tissue and aids in the absorption of iron.
  • 6x more Ca than whole milk. Calcium salts make up about 70 percent of bone by weight and give your bone its strength and rigidity.
  • 2.5x more veg prot than rajma
  • 8Xmore omega 3fatty acids than salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in brain function, growth and development.
  • 3x more Fe than spinach. The main function of iron is to help carry oxygen from the lungs to the muscles and other organs. When iron is low, this oxygen consumption slows down.
  • 2x more K than banana
  • 3x more antioxidant strength of blueberries. Antioxidants help prevent the free radical damage that is associated with cancer.
  • 6x more Ca than milk.

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Age spots

  1. They are the brown spots produced by melanocytes after years of sun exposure.
  2. Use sunscreen with SPF of 15 & higher on your face & neck. Sunscreen shd be able to block both UV type A & UV type B rays. Try Shade UVAGuard.
  3. Cover up with sun-protenctive clothing. Wear a hat & large sunglasses. Walk on shady side of the street.
  4. Car windows doesn’t shield you from UV A, so tint ur windows if state laws allow.
  5. When exposed to sun, your skin’s reservoir of vit C goes down, and unlike most animals, we can’t make vit C. Cellex-C, a 10% vitC solution available through dermatologists, spas, aestheticians is said to may deliver 20 times more vit C to skin than u would get from diet.

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  1. Pimples are forming inside the skin 2wks before you see them on the surface.
  2. Start acne prevention program by washing ur face once a day with a mild, 2.5% form of benzoyl peroxide wash. This kills bacteria that cause acne, but apply it all over face, arms, chest or wherever there’s acne. Stay on this treatment as takes couple of months for this medicine to work. Keep using & don’t quit or will be back the next month.
  3. If ur skin isn’t dry, don’t use moisturizer as can cause acne.
  4. Use gentle cleanser & if feel dry, use light moisturzer. All additional steps like scrubbing, toning can cause an outbreak of acne as you are overmanipulating sking & clogging pores.
  5. Don’t use the grainy scubs as they make cuts on skin & spread bacteria all over it.
  6. Summer heat & humidity invite flare-ups of acne. Sweat clogs the pores, so cleanse 2-3times.
  7. Avoid oily cosmetics & use only oil-free makeup, lotions & sunscreen. But never exercise or sleep with makeup on as clogs hair follicles in your skin.
  8. Use as little hair spray as possible as cause plugging effect on skin & you develop pimples along the hairline.
  9. Keep your hands away from your face.
  10. Oil during cooking can clog the skin.
  11. Change towels & pillow-cases more frequently.
  12. Avoid iodine overdose. Look for iodine in fish & take multivitamins that doesn’t have iodine.
  13. Daily dose of vit A betn 10000 & 15000IU many offer some help in improving acne.
  14. Many nonprescription facial treatments contain glycolic acid, which comes from the family of AHA’s or alpha hydroxy acids. It helps in treatment & prevention of acne as molecules are small enough to penetrate the skin & unclog the pores. It also brings all of the impurities under the skin up & out. Some people have a breakout of acne during the 1st few wks of glycolic acid treatment, but once the impurities come up & out completely, pores close. Glycolic acid exfoliates dead skin cells, unplugs pores & make pores appear smaller.
  15. Take off the stresses. Look at it positively. Acne slows the process of aging as the skin is still oily & productive.   

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