How to lead a happy life?

July 24, 2008 RENU

1. Health and fitness is one of the most basic criteria towards a happy life. You need to be healthy to fully appreciate and benefit from any wealth that you earn, the love and good relationships in your life, or to be able to pursue any meaningful endeavor at all.

Money, or career achievements are meaningless if you don’t have the health (or life) to enjoy it. Good health is the prerequisite to any other areas of happiness.

Exercises can be fun and enjoyable. Start by going at a pace that you can do relaxingly, and as your fitness improves, increase your training level accordingly.

The benefits of a healthy body go beyond physical aspects. A healthy body enables a healthy mind; a clearer frame of mind, be more alert, focus and effective during the day.

A strong and fit body leads to a heightened sense of well-being and confidence.

To lead a happy life, start taking care of your health if you are not already doing so by looking after your lifestyle, your diet. It’s not difficult, you just need a little conviction, some little small efforts, some small successes, and understand that it’s important before your health fails you and it’s too late.

2. Financial stability is the 2nd key to happiness which give you freedom to do what you truly desire to with your life. Although getting what you desire makes you happy for a while, it’s not a sustainable long-term strategy. When it comes to money and happiness, simplicity is best. Live within your means and not overstretch yourself by spending beyond what you can afford to. Make it a point to save and invest a portion of what you earn to increase your net worth over time. The greater your net worth is, the greater your freedom.

3. Another key to happiness is constructive, mutually supportive relationships with people in your life.

We want to be loved and appreciated; we want someone who understands and supports us. We want a happy family. We want friends who understand, are supportive and will be there for us in times of need. We want colleagues who are not demanding, not selfish, and perhaps even fun to work with. But it is so hard; people are hard to get along with. The way that people act towards you is actually a reaction to what you do. People treat you differently based on how they perceive you. This is often working at the sub-conscious level, and the people themselves may not be fully aware of it. So depending on how you treat other people, how you present and carry yourself, others will react to you and treat you accordingly.  So instead of putting the blame on the other party, or other people, look inwards at yourself and ask what is it that you can do to influence the person and bring about the quality relationship that you desire.

  • If your boss does not trust you or value you highly, ask yourself how you can increase your credibility and value add so that she can trust you or value you highly
  • If you think your spouse is not understanding or loving you, ask yourself how you can express your love for him/her more often
  • If you are constantly bullied in school, ask yourself how you can stopping behaving like a whimsical pushover, and develop true inner strength in character
  • If you desire loyal friends who will stand by you, ask yourself how you can first be loyal and supportive to your friends, who stands by them in their times of need.

Indeed, you cannot control what others do and how they treat you. However, by working on your own behaviors and actions, you can always influence how people act towards you. Genuinely constructive and supportive relationships takes two parties to establish, instead of waiting passively for the other party to change, start by acting positively yourself to kick start the change, and you will often be pleasantly surprised to see positive results coming back.

4. Having purpose in life is another key for happiness.

Let’s try to imagine that you have all the money that you need in the world, a healthy body and the most loving spouse, family and friends surrounding you. Will you be happy? The answer is a surprising “NO”.

Sure, it may feels good for a while, but after some time, nothing excites you anymore and you wonder what to do next. It will feel like there is nothing to look forward to; each day seems the same as the previous one, and time starts to drag. Life is meaningless, it feels empty…

What you lack is purpose. A sense or reason for living.  It basically is what you find as meaningful work in your daily life. It is work that you enjoy doing (even if you are not paid for it), because you believe it improve someone’s life, make the world better, or is valuable in some ways. It is the type of work which you can do for as long as you live, solely because it’s meaningful to you, and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

If you are having difficulties finding your purpose, don’t be discouraged. Try out different things in life and follow your heart. Somehow, your heart will tell you when you have struck the pot of gold.


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  • 1. Ananth  |  July 26, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    Nice post Renu, looks so complete. Especially, the part – “If you think your spouse is not understanding or loving you, ask yourself how you can express your love for him/her more often” Superb.. looking for more such posts, especially the lyrics of good songs 🙂

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