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May 3, 2008 RENU


  1. Abortion & contraception: Papaya is folk remedy for these. 
  2. Asthma: Red onion eases constriction of bronchus
  3. Arthritis- Fish prevents
  4. Arteries clogged- Avacado lowers cholestrol
  5. Bone problems- Manganese in pine apple prevents
  6. Bl.infec’s- High acid content in cranberry juice kills harmful bacteria in urinary tract.
  7. B.sugar- broccoli, peanuts
  8. Br.cancer- Wheat bran, cabbage as oestrogen at healthy levels
  9. BP high- olive oil, celery
  10. Cold- Ginger tea is a folk remedy for cold. 4leaves of tulsi taken along with a piece of ginger on an empty stomach is an effective cure for congestion, cold.
  11. Cough- Red pepper. It has a substance similar to one in cough syrup.
  12. Depression- Hypericum/St.John’s wart are good for +ve mood, emotional balance, major depression.
  13. Diarhoea- Apple after turns brown
  14. Digestive health- Ginger is used frequently for dyspepsia & colic. Green papaya fruit is rich in enzyme Papain, a protease which is helpful in tenderizing meat and other proteins, so good for digestive problems.
  15. Gingivitis- Cranberries reduce the amount of dental plaque causing oral bacteria, thus being prophylaxis for gingivitis.
  16. Hayfever- curd during season.
  17. Headache- Fish prevents & ginger applied as paste to temples reduces pain.
  18. Heart diseases- Flax/Lin seed oil, Fish oil contains high level of Omega-3 fatty acids, especially alpha-linolenic acid which reduces inflammation leading to heart disease. Also garlic contains chemical called allicin which is good for heart too. Also grapeseed, pomegranate are good for cardiovascular health as have antioxidants.
  19. Heat cramps- Ginger water used to avoid heat cramps.
  20. Immunity- Echinacea stimulates immune system & wards off infections. But it shdn’t be used for more than 10days.
  21. Insomnia- Honey is tranquilizer & sedative
  22. Liver- Milk thistle for healthy liver.
  23. Lung cancer- Orange, gr.leafy vegs. Has beta carotene which is antidote
  24. Memory problems- oyster as has zinc. Also ginkgo biloba for mental alertness & memory. It is a concentration enhancer, anti-vertigo agent. It improves oxygen flow to brain, peripheral system.
  25. Menopausal symptoms- Black cohosh/cimicifuga increases blood flow to pelvic area. Tannin in it inhibits iron absorption, so use with caution.
  26. Mucous membrane tonic- Golden seal. Note that it does not have to come in contact with the mucous membranes to have this effect. Hold some goldenseal in your mouth for a minute or two, and you can feel the effect on the mucous membranes in your nose and sinuses. Traditional doctors stated that goldenseal increases the secretion of the mucous membranes. At the same time, goldenseal contains astringent factors, which also counter that flow. Thus it was referred to as a mucous membrane “alterative”, increasing deficient flow but decreasing excessive flow.
  27. Multi purpose remedy- Golden seal/hydrastis is a winter supplement, anti-catarrhal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, laxative, digestion-aid, can remove canker sores when gargled with.
  28. Prostate health in men- Pomegranate.
  29. PMS- C.flakes reduce depression, fatigue, anxiety
  30. Sore throat- Boil chopped ginger & add sugar.
  31. Stomach settlers- Ginger ale & ginger beer.
  32. Strokes- Tea prevents fatty deposit on artery walls
  33. Stomach upset- Bananas settle while ginger cures motion sickness, nausea
  34. Ulcer- cabbage
  35. Vitality- Ginseng enhances physical endurance & vitality. Also for treatment of type 2 diabetes, dysfunction in men.

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