Branches of Science

January 23, 2008 RENU

  1. Means systematic knowledge. Has 2fields, natural & social sciences.
  2. Applied science- Knowledge applied from natural scientific fields to solve practical problems. ex: fields of engineering like ceramic engineering, computing technology, electronics, nanotechnology, nuclear technology, zoography etc.
  3. Mathematics- has 4fields., arithmetic, algebra, geometry, analysis.
  4. Arts- Includes architecture(designing bldgs), visual arts like painting, crafts etc, dance, design, drawing, fashion, film, literature(books & writings), music, photography, poetry, sculpture, ikebana etc.
  5. Philosophy- study of fundamental nature of knowledge, reality & existence.

Natural science- study of nature

  1. Astronomy: study of celestial obj’s, space & universe.
  2. Biology: study of living organisms.
  3. Chemistry: study of composition of matter.
  4. Earth science: Term for all sciences related to earth like geology(study of physical matter of earth), geophysics(Earth’s physics), hydrology, meterology, geography(Earth’s physical features), oceanography, soil science.
  5. Physics: study of nature & properties of matter & energy.
  6. Environmental science: study of envt.

Social science- study of human behr & society.

  1. Anthropology: Study of human kind, esp societies, cultures, human origins. Study of human history through fossils, excavation of sites is archeology. Study of human culture is humanities.
  2. Economics: Study of mgt of wealth. Home economics is study of cookery & household mgt.
  3. History: Study of past events.
  4. Law: Rules recognized by a country.
  5. Linguistics: study of language.
  6. Political science: Study of politics.
  7. Psychology: Study of mind.
  8. Sociology: Study of human society.

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