Spain history

January 15, 2008 RENU

  1. Was called Iberia by Greece & Hispania by Romans.
  2. 250BC- was conquered for Carthage by Barca, who founded Barcelona.
  3. Romans came & drove them away & organized 3provinces, which flourished till the death of emperor Constantine.
  4. 409AD- Sev wars & until 1625 Arabs ruled some parts of Spain.
  5. Diff kingdoms were founded later
  6. 1492- Ferdinand & Isabella conquered Granada, drove out Moors & expelled Jews. They also found the spanish inquisition. Their grandson, Charles V, was the most powerful monarch of this time. His son Philip II, developed the inquisition & paid court for the hand of Elizabeth of England. She refused & he sent the great spanish Armada against England. It was destroyed by a storm at sea. Same yr columbus discovered America.
  7. 1580- Philip conquered Portugal & took possession of the islands in the East which were named the Phillippines for him.
  8. 1700- There was no man or boy of the House of Hapsburg to be king of Spain, which brought war of Spanish succession. Spain lost her lands in Netherlands & Italy & had to give Gibraltar to the British in 1704. During this war spanish colonies in America revolted. Florida was ceded to the U.S in 1819.
  9. 1820- A liberal revolution brought about the constitution & did away with the inquisition.
  10. 1874- Alfonso, son of Queen Isabella was declared king
  11. 85- He died & Christina became regent.
  12. 1898- In Spanish-American war, Spain lost cuba, porto rico & philippines.
  13. 1906- Alfonso XIII married princess Ena of Battenberg, who is called Queen Victoria after her grandmother, the Queen of England.

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