January 15, 2008 RENU

  1. 5th century- It was a cluster of independent states: Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Tuscany etc.
  2. 476AD- Odoacer drove Romulus Augustulus from throne
  3. 493- Got killed by Theodoric the Great
  4. 526- He died.
  5. Pepin granted the Pope a strip of land in central Italy, which marked the beginning of  the temporal rule of the popes.
  6. 800- On christmas day, Charlemagne received the Iron Crown of the Lombards from Pope Leo III.
  7. 962- Otho the Great became emperor.
  8. 1176- Peace of constance was signed & for sev centuries each of the sm states was ruled by a seperate ruler. This period was followed by the Italian Renaissance, in which Michelangelo & others lived & wrote & painted.
  9. 15, 16, 17th centuries- Literature, painting & sculpture advanced greatly.
  10. Hapsburgs of Austria gained ctrl in N.Italy & ruled 300yrs.
  11. 1800- Napolean, as 1st Consul, crossed Alps to carry out his Italian campaign & in 05 took full ctrl as king.
  12. 20-21 Mazzini appeared with his secret society “Young Italy”.
  13. 50- Battles betn pope & people.
  14. 60- Victor Emmanuel, King of Sardinia fought against pope. 
  15. 71- All Italy was united & Rome became capital.
  16. 78- Emmanuel died, his son Humbert I became king, got killed in 1900. Was succeeded by his son victor Emmanuel III, the present ruler.
  17. 1909- E.quake in S.Italy destroyed many cities & 200,000 people perished.

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