Indian history

January 15, 2008 RENU

  1. Named from the river indus.
  2. 557BC- Year of Buddha
  3. 327BC- Europeans 1st came to India through invasion of Alexander the Great.
  4. 3rd century- King Asoka spread Buddhism
  5. 100BC- After no of weak kings, barbarous Scythians invaded India. Then Huns came & broke Hindu power
  6. 5th century- reign of Vikramaditya was the grandest age marked by sanskrit influence.
  7. 600AD- Brahminism came.
  8. 1001-1186 Hindu power gone gradually & Mohammedian rule started
  9. 1498- Vasco da gama & portugese entered India
  10. 1526- Baber took Delhi & became 1st of the Great mughals. Among mughals was shah jehan who built Taj mahal at Agra, tomb to the memory of his wife. These moguls fought & died for the great kohinoor diamond which is now in the British crown & for the right to sit on the famous peacock throne.
  11. 1600- East India company formed
  12. 1748- Rivalry betn English & French reached its hgt in India
  13. 1756- Native Governor general of Bengal captured Calcutta & threw English prisoners into prison called the Black Hole.
  14. 1757- Lord Clive won his great victory
  15. 1774-85- Warren Hastings was the 1st Governor general & many famous men followed him.
  16. 1857 Indian Mutiny occured
  17. 1858- Govt was transferred from East India Company to the crown
  18. 1877- Victoria was made empress of India.
  19. 1901- Edward VII was crowned emperor.

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