Egypt history

January 15, 2008 RENU

  1. Egyptian books were lost when the great library of Alexandria was destroyed, so we have to depend on fragments from sculptured tombs & rocks.
  2. Long before 3000BC- Egypt was known to be of high education & culture.
  3. Herodotus, the Father of History tells of Cheops & Chephren who built the largest pyramids, never after equalled.
  4. 1700BC- Egypt was conquered by the Hyksos or sheperd kings form Asia. One of them was Pharaoh of Joseph & Jacob & his family.
  5. Ramesis II, the Great, the 3rd king of the 19th dynasty was the greatest king of Egypt. He conquered 1/2 of the then known world. On 2/3rd of the remaining monuments along the Nile his seal is carved. He made slaves of the people & compelled them to build great cities & monuments. He is believed to have been the oppressor of children of Israel. His son was the Pharaoh, who was drowned in Red sea called “Pharaoh of Exodus”. Necho II dug the 1st canal from Nile to Red sea.
  6. Alexander the Great left Ptolemy as governor of Egypt. Ptolemy founded the Alexandrian library & made himself king. Alexandria, under the Ptolemies, became the greatest city of the world. Cleopatra, daughter of the last Ptolemy, after a brilliant career, killed herself when her kingdom was conquered by Rome.
  7. Egypt was the 1st christian country.
  8. 640AD- Egypt was conquered by Amru & Alexandria was destroyed with her library, 4000palaces & 400theatres.
  9. 1517- Mamelukes ruled Egypt, when it was conquered by Turks in 1517. After Napolean conquered, the French ruled but British drove out the French in 1801.
  10. 54-63 Said Pasha began to dig the great Suez canal
  11. 75- Rights of Egypt in it were sold to England which gave ctrl of the canal & of the country to British.
  12. 1885- Slavery was abolished in Sudan & general “Chinese” Gordon lost his life.

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