December 8, 2007 RENU

There was once a little Indian called Squanto who welcomed the new pilgrims who came to America. He probably knew how scary it was for them to live in a new place, so he made the first move and went over to welcome them to help them feel better.

Next, he started a friendly conversation and listened to all their stories. He listened because he cared about them. After he learned of their troubles, and the hard winter they had, he felt bad for them. He wanted to help them, so he acted on those feelings. He decided to help them. He did all kinds of helpful things. He taught them how to stay far away from the wild animals, so they wouldn’t get hurt. He taught them how to plant corn and other crops, so they could have lots of food for the next winter. He was generous and gave them some of his own seeds to plant. He wanted them to do better the next winter. He wanted them to have lots of crops to feed their families, so he he was kind to them. So, guess what happened: When it was time to harvest the crops, there was so many the pilgrims didn’t know what to do! They had more than enough!…thanks to God, and thanks to friends like Squanto. So the pilgrims decided they wanted to be kind also, so they shared their new crops with the indians. To show their appreciation, they gave a big party and invited Squanto and all of his friends. This big party was called the First Thanksgiving. They wanted to have a big celebration and give thanks to God because He had given them so many crops. And, they wanted to share all they had with their new indian friends too.


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