Rama navami

December 3, 2007 RENU

Ravana, king of Lanka was very powerful, troubled humans & devatas alike with his atrocities. Gods when approached Lord Vishnu for help, he assured them that he would take a human birth on bhuloka & put an end to Ravana’s atrocities.

King Dasaradha of Ayodhya had 3queens. He had 4sons-Rama(Vishnu), Lakshmana(Adisesha, the snake), Bharata, Shatrugna(shanka & chakra-weapons of the lord). Rama though has to become the king, was sent to forest for 14yrs as one of the queen kaikeyi wants her son Bharata to become the king. His wife sita & brother Lakshmana also accompany him. In forest he confronts a demon named surpanakha who demands that Rama marries her. When he refuses, she tries to kill sita & so Lakshmana cuts her nose. She runs & reports to his brother Ravana, who orders demon Maricha to disguise as golden deer. When sita demands for deer & Rama goes to get it, Ravana kidnaps her. With the help of vanara army, Rama kills ravana & is later throned king.

One of famous Ramas temple is in bhadrachalam. During rule of Golconda kings, Gopanna was the tehsildaar(tax collector) of Bhadrachalam. He is a great devotee of Lord Rama. With all the taxes he collected from people, he got a temple constructed & also got ornaments made for the Lord. When he failed to pay up the taxes to the king, he was sent to jail. Ram & Lakshman incarnated as young boys, pay up all the taxes to the king & leave a receipt with Gopanna. The king & Gopanna realized that it was Lord himself who came to the rescue. King sets Gopanna free who was names Ramadasu. From then on, Tanashah would send pearls as talambralu on the occassion of Sri rama navami for sita-rama kalyanam. This tradition is kept alive even to this day with the state Govt sending the pearls to Bhadrachalam.   


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