December 3, 2007 RENU

After Brahma lifts Bhoomi from ocean in his Varaha avatar, a son Narakasura was born to her but he turned out to be a vicious demon. Bhoodevi did penance & got boon from Brahma that he shd be dead only by her to protect his son. Knowing this, as he grows Naraka created hovac in Earth & heaven thinking no mother would be cruel enough to kill her son. Naraka attacked heaven, snatched away the precious earrings of Goddess Aditi, mother of Lord Indra.  Indra runs to Krishna. Krishna knowing the boon, takes his wife satyabhama to war on Garuda vahana & fights ferociously. But at one stage, Narakasuras vadha when hits his head, Krishna falls unconscious. Satyabhama gets angry, shoots arrows which kill the demon. As a mark of the end of the dark days, people lighted diyas & burnt crackers. Thus started the traditional celebrations of Deepavali. 

On that day everyone wear new clothes, decorate house with diyas, do lakshmi puja, distribute sweets, wish each other & burn crackers.

Diwali is followed by Naraka Chaturdasi. This day has a special role in the in performing this festival. The holy day marks the vanquishing of Naraka by Lord Krishna and Satyabhama. Termed as the Festival of Lights, Diwali earmarks the celebrations on the news of return of Lord Rama back to Ayodhya after years of stay at forest. There are so many legends that dealt with the importance of this festival.


  1. Wear cotton clothes
  2. Keep 1bucket of water ready
  3. Dont fire crackers alone, make sure someone is there.
  4. Dont keep matchboxes close to crackers.
  5. For lighting chichubudlu, use kakarapovvottulu. As you can do this from little bit far, prevents accidents to eyes.
  6. If skin gets burnt, imm wash to wash off chemicals, apply anti septic cream, go to doctor.

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