December 3, 2007 RENU

Mahishasura, a demon did penance & was granted a boon that he could be killed only by a woman. Backed by the power of the boon, he created havoc on Earth & Heaven. When Gods run to Lord Shiva & Vishnu, they advised that they shd pool all their powers & create a Goddess to kill him. Thus Goddess Durga was created who was given trishul of shiva, sudershana chakra of vishnu & remaining Gods followed suit. Tiger was her vehicle. Fuming with anger & red in rage, she sets out to battle field. Mahishasura had army of very powerful demons each possessing special powers. Even if a drop of blood drops on the ground of Rakta beeja, then out it would born his replica. Angered with the formation of many replicas, Goddess incarnated herself as Goddess Kali killed him by stucking her tongue out to prevent any blood drops from falling to the ground. When all the army gets killed, king himself set out to battle field. Battle betn the two went on for 10,000yrs, but finally she kills the demon, whose death is celebrated as vijaya dasami b’cos Sami pooja is perfomed on that day. On that day, Pandavas retrieved the weapons they hid in a Sami tree to rescue King virat from Kauravas.

Dasara is a 9day festival & 9days are called Navratris. Artists dance in tiger make up. On each day, Puja for one incarnation of the Goddess is performed. Day 1-Bala Tripura Sundari, 2-Gayatri devi, 3-Annapoorna devi, 4-Lalita tripura sundari, 5-maha lakshmi. Last 3days most imp. 6-Saraswati, 7-Durga as demon killed that day, 8-Mahishasura mardhini, 9-Raja Rajeswari, Vijayadasami day.


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