October 30, 2007 RENU

  1. It’s a well-known fact that adding more MEMORY to a computer is the easiest, cheapest and most bang-for-the-buck upgrade that can be done
  2. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) modem uses a copper wire transmission technology to access high speed broadband Internet over telephone lines. Although DSL internet connections use a phone line, you can talk on the phone and surf simultaneously
  3. If your computer slows down when you’re working with large files or many programs at once, you might be able to improve performance by installing extra RAM (Random Access Memory – your computer’s temporary operating memory). The best way to improve your computer’s performance is to add random-access memory (RAM).
  4. To increase the random-access memory (RAM) of your computer, you must know the type of RAM it uses, how the RAM is presently configured and how many open RAM slots are available
  5. You need a fast, high-end 3-D video card for action games, graphic design, CAD, 3-D modeling and image editing. 3-D acceleration is now a standard feature on video cards
  6. If you use a laptop extensively, it makes sense to invest in an external keyboard. A wireless keyboard is easy to carry along wherever you go, just like your laptop
  7. A USB wireless modem is a device used for accessing wireless internet on a desktop computer. A USB wireless modem (that uses a USB cable) is recommended over an Ethernet wireless modem (that uses an Ethernet cable)
  8. Broadband wireless Internet connections are ideal for laptops, making them entirely mobile with a cable-free internet connection. Choosing the right wireless modem depends on compatibility with your your wireless Internet provider.
  9. A SCSI Zip drive is faster than any other Zip drive. Windows 95 or 98 should automatically recognize a SCSI card and devices connected to it
  10. An Inkjet printer with duplex printing will allow you to reproduce office-quality copies at home.

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