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October 30, 2007 RENU

  1. Ripping DVDs is somewhat difficult in the age of digital piracy. It’s in a moviemaker’s financial interest to make it difficult to reproduce movies in any way. However, it is your right as a consumer to exercise your fair use of your own DVDs.
  2. Wireless networks r the latest entrants in the field of mobile computing. Wireless networks use wireless broadband routers to provide broadband wireless Internet connection to comps &  LANs.
  3. DVDs (digital versatile drives) r fast becoming the most preferred storage device. DVD drives r necessary for playing a DVD. You would need to buy an external DVD drive if ur comp doesn’t have one already.
  4. Spilling coffee on your laptop will not only ruin your morning, it can ruin your computer. Act quickly if this happens, because it only takes seconds for liquids to destroy the hard drive of a laptop computer
  5. A KVM switch (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) is a hardware device used for sharing a keyboard, monitor or mouse on multiple computers. You can connect and control multiple computers through a KVM switch.
  6. A wireless modem provides higher flexibility and mobility, allowing you to access the Internet from a laptop computer anywhere in your home or office.
  7. Universal Serial Bus (USB) drives are compact. They’re connected to computers’ USB ports to transfer data between machines. These drives are compatible with almost all the operating systems.
  8. Zigbee is not a company but a group of companies selling new technology. Zigbee is like BlueTooth; it’s a technology with wireless capability. The difference is that Zigbee utilizes radio waves.
  9. Hama Data Switchbox 4:1 can be used to connect up to four computers to one USB device, such as a printer, digital camera, scanner or other peripheral.
  10. A direct cable connection between two computers allows a user to exchange large files without having to go through a modem or interfacing device.
  11. Boost your low end by adding a subwoofer to your PC speaker configuration. Most new speaker sets in the mid-priced range already come with a subwoofer.
  12.  USB organizer is a hanging device that stores USB components and wires. The organizer keeps USB devices and cables together. It stores the many cables while keeping them handy
  13. A graphics tablet can provide graphic artists with more designs, flexibility and creativity.

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