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October 29, 2007 RENU

  1. By encoding ur CDs as MP3s, u can use ur comp to make an endless variety of mixes, using individual songs from any album in ur collection or from tunes u’ve downloaded from Web.
  2.  The process of making MP3 files readable by CD players is just a matter of saving them in a diff format & writing converted files to a CD. Just as “.mp3” is a format that MP3 players read, the “.aif” file format is what CD players read.
  3.  Live365 is a Web site that allows users to create & listen to Internet radio stations created by other users.
  4. Yahoo Music Jukebox is more than just a media player. It lets u organize ur music & music videos, as well as make great playlists for u to enjoy at home or at work. 
  5. You can use your CD burner to make a complete transition from tape to CD, or to make CDs to play in your car. You’ll need a sound card with a “line in” jack (other than a microphone jack)…
  6. iTunes is known for being one of the most convenient and widely-used music libraries for Mac and Windows computers. Users have the option to personalize their own iTunes playlist with their music library. Your iTunes library can be an extensive collection of your most cherished music and other media. It’s important to back up these songs in the event of a crash or damage occurring to your hard drive.
  7. Midi, or Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is the most common way to record music on a computer. Midi allows you to change effects on instruments at will no differently than you’d highlight a piece of text and change the font.
  8. Winamp is a free music player available online. It plays MP3s, CD music, streaming audio from net. The clever & seamless integration with Windows, the endless customization options, & the unbeatable price make Winamp great.
  9. Noteburner is a virtual cd burner used for music conversion.
  10. Foobar2000 is a popular free media player that offers advanced functionality. Besides audio playback, it supports file conversion, CD ripping, media libraries.
  11. MP3 is short for “Motion Picture Experts Group 1, Layer 3.” An MP3 is nothing more than a file format, much like “.doc,” “.exe” or “.jpg,” that compresses files – specifically music files – without sacrificing quality in any noticeable way.
  12. Placing an iTunes podcast button on ur Blogger blog will allow u to provide readers with ready access to ur podcast.
  13.  Voice recognition software is becoming more popular as medical & legal professionals rely on it for transcription.
  14. Web clips are little bits of text that show up as you open your email. These include news headlines, your blog or information from your favorite website. The web clip software pushes a feed of information directly into your email.
  15. Windows Media Player is a Microsoft program that allows users to listen to music, play videos, and add music to CDs and MP3 devices.
  16. Real Media and MP3 are audio recording formats. MP3 audio files record sound in a compression format that uses less space but has the same sound quality as the original files. Real Media files are streamed over an Internet connection
  17. Windows Media Audio (WMA) and MP3 are audio recordings at different bit rates that allow listeners to enjoy music files online and offline. These formats let you compress music into less bulky files that retain the original sound quality.
  18. Audio books allow people to listen & enjoy a good book at their leisure without actually having to pick up the book & read it. U’ve to download & play them back on comp or MP3 player.
  19. Skype is an Internet program that allows u make calls via comp. It is free to download from the website.
  20. Digidesign’s Pro Tools is the industry standard for recording, editing and mixing music digitally. One of the great features of Pro Tools is the editing setup.
  21. Digidesign’s Pro Tools is the industry standard for recording, editing and mixing music digitally. One of the great features of Pro Tools is the editing setup.
  22. Sony’s SoundForge, an audio s.ware prog designed to record & mix podcasts, music & other audio files. 
  23. Having your favorite music on your computer to listen to while working or putting it on a portable device such as an MP3 player to take with you is becoming quite popular. It’s called ripping.

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  • 1. Eric 880  |  November 12, 2007 at 12:39 am

    Audio software especially Pro Tools is very intersting to me and I hope to someday own this product for producing good quality music.

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