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October 29, 2007 RENU

  1. GIF is a Graphic Interchange Format that allows images to be reduced in size so that they can be stored & used in a variety of formats. GIF files r the easiest to make & r easy on servers. They’re moving drawings often used in comp presentations for business & school. They also r a great substitute to Flash movies if u do not want a Flash website or u don’t know Macromedia Flash.
  2. Avatars- cute little image representations of our personalities to create a personal icon for use on a forum.
  3. Xara3D is a user-friendly animation prog that allows users to take simple headings or pictures & turn them into animated 3-dimensional screensavers or Web icons.
  4. Carrara 3D is animation software with a functional interface that makes it easy for both professional & amateur animators to produce high-qlty 3D animation & images.
  5. CrazyTalk is a prog that allows users to import digital images from a variety of sources, animate them & make them talk. It also comes with an image library from which u can select images & convert them to verbal icons for websites.
  6. Adobe’s Macromedia Flash is the industry standard for incorporating animation and design into web browsers, allowing users to both view & embed media in many web pages. It’s a cross-platform appl.
  7. Toon Boom is animation software designed for both amateur users & professional animators. A tool called multiplane camera lets u zoom in on scenes from a variety of angles.
  8. Xara3D software is specifically designed to create 3D website animation such as buttons, logos and animated images. It also allows for users to create unique 3D screensavers by using a user-friendly, graphically rich interface.

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