Hairstyles for long hair

October 18, 2007 RENU

Hair styles for long hair

1.i hope u knw how to plate french hair style with a little alteration of the same u can plate ur hair side french and then knot the back hair this gives a neat professional tidy look for ur hair
2. if u want to leave ur hair rather than a long pony u can take tie the hair wht a rubber band little loosely then put ur entire hair inside ur band and pull it frm the bottom this give a neat look again and can be worn for parties
3.french knot is the easiest and goes great wht ur hair u dont need any extra hairs also just comb the entire hair to one side roll the hair and then make a knot of it .
4. nowadays curls r of great fashion u can curl ur hair using hair styling products just apply mouse on ur washed hair liberly using a hair dryier which has hood give hot air frm the bottom and scrunch it u wil get curls again gud for parties
5. take ur hair into pony and then split the hair into two portions make two individual plaits of the hair and pin them up rolling or making it half ( remember school days)and pin up neat style for office also.
6. if u heard about chaineese band u can buy it and make number of rolls
7. i dont knw if u can make 4 ,5 and 6 rolls out of ur hair but with help u can make them
8 lot of hair additions are available in the market just u need to knot ur hair and put those buns over ur hair which gives neat looks
9 top knot ? make a high pony wht a rubber band now split a little portion of ur hair and cover the band by rotating a portion of the hair round the band and pin use the rest of the hair in a form of bun by rolling it and pin up neat one for office
10. low bun this pony comes v low below ur ears pattern is similar to top knot.


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