Hair problems

October 18, 2007 RENU

Reasons for hairfall / Dandruff / any hair problem could be
(i) Excess Sweat in the head part (ii) High salt content in sweat/ blood (iii) Dust collection due to oily hair (iv) Body heat (v) Hereditory (vi) Tensions in mind.
–> Excess sweat flow can be due to working conditions / climatic conditions , or speedy blood flow in body more than needed. To regulate this , do Yoga or Pranayama that regulates blood flow. This may sound indirect or no way connected to hair loss – but a regulated blood flow is imp for any function/ growth of any element in our body.
–> To reduce salt content , take watery vegetables, melons regularly as part of everyday meal. This can help u in lot of things. Keeps body light, helps dig system with lesser work load, u’ll not feel drowsy during day  etc. Note : My everyday lunch is just a bowl of fresh cut fruits .
–> Our hair can act as a dust collector many a times , when we travel outdoor. So , cover hair with cotton scarf , do not use synthetic scarfes as it may increase the sweat ratio. Shampoo hair with natural items like paste made of hibiscus leaves , curry leaves , Amla powder etc.
–> To get rid of dandruff , fine grind h.ful methi , 20 p.corns ( white or black ), mix with curd , refrigerate it in night. Apply it on hair – touching the roots. This can act as a conditioner & dandruff killer as well.
–> Hereditory hair problems are tough to address, however constant trials can help reduce the chances of excess hair fall.  Reduction in intake of c’d food with salt, sugar, spice, addition of fresh vegs , fruits.
–> Tensions ! leads to speedy flow of blood rate than needed & sweat glands reacting to the same. So keep urself cool!

Tips to condition hair & help them grow faster, thicker, stronger.
> Msg head regularly with 2-3t olive oil.
> Chew h.ful curry leaves in morning on empty stomach, provides good amount of Iron & Prots reqd for hair growth. Also helps bowels clean with no constipation, improves eyevision.
> Wash hair with natural green pastes with curry leaves, amla, hibiscus flower & leaves, aloe vera, methi etc.
> Gingely oil msg & bathing every wkend
> More greens in meal
> NeeliBringadhi oil r supposed to be rich in herbs. Mix it up with c.nut oil, use for regular msg’s & application on hair.


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