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October 18, 2007 RENU

To always look best, follow regimen, take good diet, exercise/walk, do stress relief regimen(yoga, meditation, pranayama), take long relaxing bath, get beauty sleep. 

Cleanse- To open pores. Apply cleansers on face & neck.

  1. 1/2c besan(absorbs extra oil)+1t haldi+1/2c milk/milk cream(nourishes) paste 2mts, wash.
  2. Natures most effective cleanser. 1/2c milk+1/2t salt with cotton ball dab, 3mts, apply again, rub gently in circular motions, wash. Or 50ml raw milk+pinch salt+2t l.j to cleanse deep pores & detanner too.
  3. 1cucumber j+4Tcurd, 4mts, wash. Also tightens pores, lightens blemishes & freckles, nourishes skin. Just grated c.ber enough.
  4. Curd- good for dry skin. 1/2c curd+1/2t honey, apply, rub it in gently, leave 3mts, wash.

Tone- To close pores.

  1. Toner pack- Mashed fine c.ber + curd to face, wash after 10mts.
  2. Rub tomato for shrinking pores & toning.

Exfoliate- To remove dead cells with scrubs.

  1. Normal skin- oat flour + little basil + s.wood pow + rose petals + milk paste.
  2. Dry skin- Almond pow+milk+egg. Exfoliating mask & skin lightener.
  3. Blemished skin- oat flour + clay pow + aswagandha + coriander + cumin + fen.s + gin + neem + pinch haldi + curd.
  4. 2Teach oatmeal+ honey + curd pack once a wk. 


  1. Raw potato slices on face as often as u can. It is a natural bleach & exfoliator too.


  1. Skin looks best 2days after facial so plan accordingly for functions.

Make up- Only if necessary.

Moisturize- To provide moisture.

  1. Msg cream on cracked heals to soften & heal.

Twice a wk- Face packs. To be effective, do steaming 1st. But freq steaming not advised for dry skin as draws out moisture. Add p.mints, rose petals, mint petals while steaming for refreshed feeling. Put cotton dipped in chilled milk/rose h20 on eyes. 

  1. Normal skin- E.white + carrot + honey.
  2. Dry skin- E.white + 1t honey + sunflower oil.
  3. Oily skin- 2t multana mitti + 2t chilled rose h20. twice a wk also fine.
  4. Antiwrinkle- Cook 2t oatmeal + 1/2c milk well, mix in 2t olive oil, let cool, apply.
  5. Fruit packs: Mix packs below with besan for dry to normal skins & for oily skins with multana mitti, apply to neck & face, leave 15mts, wash off.
  1. Apple: Mashed + honey.
  2. Banana: Mashed + e.white + l.juice. lightens blemishes, spots.
  3. Carrot: c’d & mashed + curd + l.juice.
  4. Cucumber: Grate + rose h20. Relaxing summer pack.
  5. Grapes: 1:1 pulp + honey.
  6. Mint: Crushed + rose h20/milk for acne.
  7. Tomato: mashed alone or with milk for oily skin.

Pigmentation- packs make u fair.

  1. 5almonds pasted + 1t fresh cream + few drops l.j to face, neck, leave 15mts.
  2. Mashed papaya
  3. Sesame seeds paste + haldi in 1:1ratio.
  4. Tulsi(basil) leaves paste.
  5. 1t milk pow+1t honey+1t l.j+1/2t alm oil pack 15mts.
  6. raw alu thin slices on face
  7. l.j+haldi paste. bleach.
  8. or peel+curd

overnight remedies

  1. Wash face, apply equal qty’s c.ber j, rose h20, l.j. Clears complexion, face glows.
  2. Apply 50ml tom j+1t l.j. Makes skin soft & glowing.
  3. Apply orange j with cotton. Smooth & soft skin
  4. Apply 30ml cabbage j+1t honey. Apply regularly so no wrinkles.
  5. Raw carrot paste. wonderful glowing skin.
  6. Equal qty’s lime j, glycerin, rose h20 regularly all over body at bedtime to remove pimples, blackheads, blemishes & for soft skin. Apply after bath also.

Manicure: Do regularly

  1. Do hand exfoliation for smoothness.
  2. Key to beautiful nails is moisturising all the time.
  3. Biotin rice foods(egg, soy, whole grains, liver), Sulphur foods(apple, c.ber, grapes, garlic, asparagus, onion), EFA’s(salmon, nuts, seeds, tuna) help keep nails shiny, pliable.
  4. When u put hands in h20, keratin swells & shrinks when dry, which weakens bonds that hold up the nail matrix & causes brittle nails. Soak 10mts at night in baby oil/olive oil, keep nails short, file with sponge center, use oil based not acetone remover
  5. As soon as u finish washing dishes, msg oil into hands when damp. Do above scrub regularly. Same to nails.

Pedicure- once a wk.

  1. Soak feet in warm salty water. Dry well, specially betn toes. Remove old polish. Trim nails with a piece of scissors so that they are leveled with the top of ur toes, following the toe. Try not to cut into the skin. File each nail until smooth. Put cotton wool betn each toe to reduce chances of getting polish on ur skin. Apply a base coat. Apply 1 or 2 colour coats. Apply a top coat. Pamper with petroleum jelly or lanolin before u go to bed.

  2. While bathing remove dead skin with pumice stone & loofah. Do twice a day. Every wk, exfoliate with mashed s.berry or crushed almonds+olive or almond oil+salt rubbing harshly, leave 15mts, rinse.

  3. Scrub: Msg regularly into feet 1:1 c.nut oil & l.juice, leave 5mts, add sugar to remaining mix & scrub well, wash it off, apply moisturiser.

To remove unwanted hair from face

  1. Equal qty’s wheat flour+haldi+sesame oil paste


  1. Deep conditioning treatments every alternate day.
  2. Lemon j as hair rinse adds bounce & shine to hair.

Detox diet: raw veggies, fruits, lot of h20, avoid salt, fat.

Stretch marks

  1. Msg body regularly with coconut or almond oil.
  2. Take vit E daily or add couple of vit E capsules to msg oil.
  3. Smear area with e.white, let dry, wash with icy cold h20 to get rid of marks completely.

Bed time regimen

  1. Soak feet in warm water+little salt for instant relief from achy feet. If cracked, apply 1t vaseline+1l.j / glyycerine+rose h20, dry feet, apply talc later. Sleep with feet on pillow 15mts for relief from tired feet, to reduce swelling due to h20 retention.

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