Facial massage

October 17, 2007 RENU

  1. Head tapping: Sit comfortably, take few deep breaths & start tapping head with finger tips for 1min.
  2. Forward swipes: Then with both palms flat & facing forehead, keep turning head from left to right swiping forehead 10times. Hands shdn’t move.
  3. Circle eyes: Make loose fists, place thumbs on cheekbones, firmly draw knuckles in an arc across eyebrows & down the outside of the eye. Next do beneath eyes on crest of cheekbones. Repeat 10times.
  4. Palming cheeks: Open hands, place palms over cheekbones so wrists face down & draw palms down towards mouth, continue along bottom edge of jawbone. Follow the line of the jaw upwards, to just in front of the ears, then in along the cheekbones completing a cycle. Repeat this cycle 10 times.
  5. Mouth swipes: same way as forehead swipes.
  6. Throat pull: With light pressure, pull throat skin forward with 1hand & as it slides off, other hand shd rise. Repeat 10times.
  7. Ear massage: Ear shd be betn 4fingers, 2back & 2front. Now msg up & down 10times. Now starting at top of ear, rub firmly betn thumb & 1st 2fingers, continue down to the lobe covering entire ear. To finish, give earlobe a firm tug, then middle ear, then top, repeat 3times.

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  • 1. Sonia  |  October 18, 2007 at 6:00 am

    tx for the tips, u can even do these right at your desk (tho your coworkers may stare)!

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