Water facts

October 8, 2007 RENU

  1. Blood is 80% h20 & muscles r 70% h20.
  2. Flows through body, delivers nutrients to cells, carries away waste.
  3. Body’s cooling system, moving heat to skin surface where it evaporates away in sweat & breath.
  4. Lubricates joints, softens skin, makes muscles work more smoothly.
  5. Temporary shortage of h20 in body causes “dehydration” & every organ is affected.
  6. U need to drink more h20 when u’re sick, pregnant, br.feeding, hot, thirsty, exercising.
  7. “best & most readily-available cough syrup.”
  8.  Colon is body’s fluid regulator. If u’re not drinking enough, colon robs h20 from waste material & gives it to body, causing hard stools. People eating high-fiber diets actually increase their risk of constipation if they don’t drink extra h20 along with fiber-rich foods, since fiber needs h20 to do its intestinal sweeping job.
  9. Brain is a h20 loving organ. If it doesn’t get enough, it doesn’t work right. Dehydration can impair concentration, which is most apparent following sweaty exercise or doing brain work in hot weather.
  10. Kidneys can give u a clue. If body is low on h20, kidneys try to conserve it by concentrating urine. If u’ve enough, or even too much h20 in body, kidneys excrete more h20 in urine. Urine must be colorless/slightly yellow, if its darker than usual like apple juice, drink more.
  11. Distillation provides the purest water only to some extent. H20 is boiled, vapor collected, with most of the contaminants & bacteria left behind. But there r still gases like cl2, pesticides etc. 
  12. Run h20 for a full minute in the morning before taking a drink from the tap to avoid lead from sitting in pipes o.n.
  13. Drink only from cold tap as lead more easily leaches from pipes or faucet into hot h20.
  14. Boiling allows cl2 to escape, which could improve the taste of some heavily-chlorinated waters. 
  15. Bottled h20 must be stored in cool, dark place like pantry. Once opened, put in friz. 
  16. Juice, soups, fruits, vegs, milk r 80-90% h20. 
  17. Caffeine-containing coffee, teas, colas, along with alcoholic beverages have diuretic effect, causing ur body to eliminate more h20.
  18. Sugar may lessen h20 absorption from intestines.
  19. Crash diets may cause u to lose lot of h20 to make u loose wgt fast.
  20. Body normally produces its own fluids to help digest food, beginning with saliva in mouth & dig juices in stomach & small intestine. If u drink with a meal,  dig j’s get diluted, leading  to indigestion. An exception to this is alcoholic beverages, such as wine, which r best consumed with food as food slows the absorption of alcohol, minimizing blood sugar swings & risk of intoxication. 
  21. Ice h20 slows digestion.
  22. Body is a natural h20 heater. When u drink h20, which is nearly always at lower temperature than body, body expends energy & there4 calories to bring h20 up to its own temperature. So u’re burning calories! Body can burn around 100 calories a day using energy to heat a gallon of cool water that u drink. That translates into nearly 1lb of fat loss in a mth.
  23. Spring water: natural underground h20 that comes up to the surface.
  24. Mineral water: H20 containing only  natural minerals from its underground source. 
  25. Sparkling water: naturally carbonated
  26. Purified water: all contaminants have been filtered out. Purified does not mean “sterile.” So for newborns, use boiled h20 for mixing formulas. 
  27. Drinking water: ordinary tap h20.
  28. Artesian water: from an underground, natural reservoir. 
  29. Bottled h20 is regulated by the FDA b’cos it’s considered a food & FDA shd require that the label identify the source of h20, not what’s in it.
  30. Tapwater is regulated by the EPA & state govt’s.
  31. Europeans invented an ozone filtration system in which h20 is zapped with bacteria-killing ozone as it goes through the filter & then the ozone self- destructs as the h20 re-enters the pool. Use this in swimming pools & spas. 

Exercising. Pre-hydrate urself by drinking 2gl’s 1hr before work out. As u work up  sweat, take freq sips as dehydration makes muscles tire more easily. After exercising, top off with 2more gl’s to rehydrate urself.Pregnant. Blood volume increases by 40% during pregnancy, & extra fluids r also needed for the ongoing manufacturing of amniotic fluid.


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