WiFi- wirless/802.11 networking

October 7, 2007 RENU

  1. Has lot of advgs- easy to set up, inexpensive.
  2. Uses radio waves.
  3. A computers wireless adapter translates data into radio signal, transmits it using antenna. Wireless router receives signal, decodes it, sends info to internet using physical, wired Ethernet connection. Process also works in reverse with router receiving info from net.
  4. Radios used for Wifi communication r very similar to walkie-talkies, cell phones etc but transmit at higher frequencies(allows signal to carry more data).
  5. Several devices can use 1router to connect to internet if they’ve wireless adapters.
  6. Interference or loss of connection occurs if router fails or too many people try to use high bandwidth appl’s same time.
  7. To start a wireless network at home, ur comp shd’ve built in wireless transmitter or buy a wireless adapter that plugs into PC card slot or USBport of laptop. For desktop, u can use USBadapters or buy adapter that fits into PCI slot inside comp’s case.
  8. USBwireless adapter, pc wireless card.
  9. Wireless adapters can plug into a computer's PC card slot or USB port.
  10. Once u install wireless adapter & drivers that allow it to operate, ur comp discovers existing networks.
  11. Wireless router contains a port to connect to ur cable/DSLmodem, a router, an ethernet hub, a firewall, a wireless access point.
  12. Wireless router allows u to use wireless signals or Ethernet cables to connect ur comps to 1 another/printer/internet. Most of them cover 100ft from all directions.
  13. If router set to create an open hotspot, anyone who has wireless card will be able to use ur signal. Most people dont allow. 

One wireless router can allow multiple devices to connect to the Internet.


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